Mink In The Morning: Reflections

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Anthony Mink |

Here is a recap of the reflection questions talked about in the video: 

1. What were my biggest failures/challenges in 2019? 

  • Why did I fail? 
  • What can I learn from this failure? 
  • How can I use this failure to succeed in the future? 

2. What were my biggest victories/successes in 2019? 

  • Why did I succeed? 
  • What can I learn from these successes? 
  • How can I continue to repeat this success in the future? 

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend each and every one of you to sit down and take some time to go through these questions. Identify any trends or habits you can, both good and bad and create a "Lessons Learned" log to create principles you can use to reduce failure and improve success in the future. 

This is an incredibly powerful tool that has dramatically changed my life for the better! This is the start of having the best year ever in 2020!

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