Mink's Email Screw-up

Anthony Mink |

As many of you may remember, last week I was creating an email campaign for our weekend apparel sale and accidentally sent out one of the emails 4 days early causing all sorts of confusion. 

Total bonehead move. 🤦‍♂️

After realizing I sent the email on accident, I wrote an email to everyone (read it here) explaining what happened and encouraging guys to write in and bust my chops a bit.

That may have been a bad idea because over the next 24 hours we received over 500+ responses! 


The boys in customer service had a field day reading all the responses and making sure to point out which ones were "extra good" in the team chat! 

That said, I promised I would give a free bundle to the best "roaster" and with so many to choose from, I couldn't pick just one! 

So I picked five 😜 and compiled the top responses for your viewing pleasure! Time to sit down, kick the feet up, grab a cold drink and have a good laugh with me! 

Honorable Mention

 Damn, coming out of the gates hard with this one! 🤣

Here's the video Ryan felt compelled to share:



Hahahaha. Well played Darrel. 

Chuck, this was great. It took some serious creativity to pull this one off. 

Hahaha, more often then I'd like to admit! 🤣 


Lol, this one gets me every time! Atta boy, Mark. 


Hmmm... no comment! 


Yes Larry, there definitely is! 🤣

DANGGGGGG!!! Matt coming in HOT! 😵🤣💥🤯


Not really sure what to think with this one, my first thought was, I thought they spoke english up there in Canadia. 🤨

Easyyy David, don't project your experiences on everyone else! 😜

Nuts on keyboards? Hmmm, I have a feeling we use our computers for VERY different things. LOL 😜 


I'm starting to sense a theme here. 

Well shit... I just trimmed my beard extra short too! 😜

"CEO training wheels!" That one was almost good enough to win. Almost! 🤣🤣 





Those were some great responses, thanks for the wit and the banter guys! 

Top Five 

Narrowing it down from hundreds to the top five was a task in itself, but we made it and I personally thought these were the best ones. 

They are funny, creative, witty, and timely, and I had a good laugh every time I saw them. Well played boys, well played. 




"Spreading LB mis-information!" 🤣🤣 This one just might take the cake.  

Congrats to Joe, Dan, Jonathan, HHHalsey, and Mark! I'm buying you guys a True Beardsman Beard Kit. We will reach out to each of you directly to get your fragrance of choice! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the shenanigans! Have an amazing day, and as always, let us know if you need anything! 

Also, because you made it this far, I wanna give you a little something extra. Use coupon code MINK20 and save 20% off your next order!