Moustache or Mustache? Style and Trimming Tips

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Ever wonder why some say Moustache while others say Mustache? Do you know the actual difference between a moustache and a mustache?  This conversation came up here at Live Bearded with Pete's son who thought it was spelled "Moo-Stache", so we thought we'd share it with you in case you didn't know!


Is a word primarily used in the UK where English is spoken slightly differently. It is simply describing the hair on your upper lip. You could use moustache to describe that glorious Handlebar "moustache" the same way you could a smaller, less impressive moustache. 


Is probably how you've heard it as it is the typical spelling of the word here in the United States. It's common to put an adjective in front of moustache and mustache both to help describe it better, such as a big curly handlebar mustache, or a small pointy mustache. Either way, the word mustache is used the same to describe your upper lip hair. 

how to trim a moustache

So, I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you by telling you there's really nothing different between moustache and mustache except for the letter "o" and how fancy you sound when you say it. Moustache and Mustache are both correct spellings of the same word.

However, in the UK they like to take it a step further, which I must say I'm pretty impressed with...

Mustachio and Mustachios

It rhymes with pistachio but is way cooler. The word mustachio has a way of making your moustache seem a little more suave, but again it really is still describing the same upper lip hair we usually refer to as a mustache (or moustache in the UK).

But wait, there's more! 

We all know that size matters when it comes to a moustache, and over in the UK they give recognition to a glorious moustache or moustachio by calling it something entirely different. 

If your moustache is BIG, glorious and demands respect and attention, your moustache or mustachio will often be referred to as a mustachios!

A moustache so glorious it's given a plural name to describe just how cool it is. That's like saying your mustache has a mustache! Being a big fan of rocking a big handlebar mustache I must say I'm a big supporter of the term Mustachios!

Now there are endless other names that represent a moustache or mustache.

Other Moustache Names

Such as Stache or "Mo"

Sources claim these were started in Australia. Stache is simply short for moustache or mustache, and Mo is short for Movember, the incredible movement to raise awareness for men's health by growing your stache out for the month of November. 

A few other common names....Lip Rug, Cookie Duster, Caterpillar, Soup Strainer, Lip Toupee, Snot Mop, Lip Foliage, Lady Tickler and an endless number of other creative names that have come up over the years.

But when you have a moustache, it's critical that you know how to properly style and trim it!

Moustache Style

You'll quickly learn that mustache wax is your best friend and absolutely necessary for anyone rocking a moustache style, and especially important if you're going for a handlebar shape. If you are, I'll tell you a few helpful tips to train your moustache into the shape you desire. 

Grab your mustache wax and start applying at the middle of your stache, directly under your nose. From the top down, "brush" the wax on as you work to the outside. As you move along, work the wax in with your finger and thumb and roll it as if you're snapping your fingers. Use your right hand for the right side, and the left hand for the left side. This will train the hairs to grow out and up and really give you a killer style. It's also worth mentioning that you want to apply your mustache wax before you do any trimming. The wax will style your stache and really show you what areas you need to trim.


How to Trim a Mustache (Moustache)

When it comes to trimming your moustache, there are three primary areas you need to focus on. You'll need your mustache wax, your beard comb and a good set of scissors. 

Trimming your upper lip

This part of your mustache trim is the one area an electric beard trimmer may be more efficient, but scissors get the job done just fine. The idea is to even out the hairs along the top of your upper lip (or wherever you want your line to be).

how to trim a mustache

Start in the middle and work your way to the outside to about the width of your nose. You really don't want to go too wide if you want a handlebar shape as you need the outer hairs to grow long. 

By trimming away some of the overhang, you'll be able to drink and eat much easier, and it'll give your mustache a bit more of a put-together look.

Trimming the Ends

When it comes to the ends, all it really takes is one quick and precise cut. Your beard hairs grow at different speeds so it's inevitable that the ends of your moustache will be at different lengths.

The idea is to do one blunt cut across the end to cut the hairs back to the bulk of your hair growth. This will make the ends appear much thicker as all the hairs will end at the same length, giving your moustache a much healthier and detailed style.

how to trim a mustache

Match both sides to be the same length, but I do caution you not to spend too much time going back and forth. If you do so, you can quickly take more and more length off trying to get it "perfect", and you'll end up taking too much length off.

Separating your moustache from your beard

This may be the biggest game changer in perfecting your moustache game, so get ready. Many guys complain about their stache blending into their beard which is extremely common. 

If you really want your moustache to POP and really be a statement piece when you walk in the door, you want to separate it from your beard. You can do this by trimming the beard hairs that grow under your moustache shorter, so your moustache almost appears to be sitting on top of your beard.

moustache trim

Take a little length off at a time as even just a little trim can make a big difference. By doing this regularly, your moustache will quickly start to really stand out (as it should!).

Final Thoughts

With big moustache comes big responsibility! I truly hope this article and video can help you grow a killer stache and trim it into a masterpiece. 

If you have any questions about the trimming process, about beard products or really about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. 

Our mission here at Live Bearded is to help Beardsmen look, feel and be their best, so let us know how we can support you. 

And as always,

Live Bearded!