Mustache Hack to Make Your Handlebar Pop

Spencer Bryce |

Growing a handlebar mustache certainly isn't for everyone, though I selfishly think everyone should try it at least once.

For many guys, there is a struggle to get the mustache to separate from the beard cheek hairs and it ends up blending together. 

I've been rocking a handlebar for the better part of a decade now and have found a little trick that makes all the difference for me and will help you, too.

The general idea is to trim the hairs down shorter underneath the mustache to create separation and the appearance that your mustache is sitting above your cheek hairs.

Here's how I do it.

Apply Mustache Wax

To have a great handlebar mustache you can't go without a good mustache wax, and there is an application process that helps curl the ends. 

Start in the middle and as you work towards the outside, use your index finger and thumb as if you were snapping to twist as you apply to the outside of your mustache. 

This "snapping" method will train the hairs to twist and curl up to perfect your handlebar shape and avoid it from drooping. 

It's important to mention that you should use your right hand for the right side of your handlebar mustache and the left hand for the left.

Trim Cheek Hairs Underneath Your Mustache

Once your mustache is waxed as best you can get it, this is where you start to separate the hairs and get clear on what hairs you need to trim.

There are two tools you can use for this job.

Beard Scissors: These are great for really taking your time and being able to trim one hair at a time. If this is your first time attempting this trim, you may want to start here. 

MT-1 Beard Trimmer: This will get the job done faster and once you're familiar with how it works it'll be much more convenient. I do caution you to still take your time here as you don't want to trim unnecessary hairs and take it too short.

Final Thoughts

I know trimming is a daunting thing to attempt which is why it is our goal to make it as easy as possible and help you avoid mistakes along the way. 

If you aren't sure how to attack this trim or if you can pull it off, shoot us a picture of your mustache to [email protected] and we'll give you personal advice on what you can do. 

Thanks for your continued support and if you ever need anything at all, just hit is up. 

Live Bearded, Brother!