Mustache Wax - 4 tips for Beginners (and Pros)

Spencer Bryce |

There's no way around it....If you're growing your mustache need a good mustache wax. And to me, there is nothing that can compliment a beard as well as a perfectly shaped mustache. So for the mustache rookies reading this, as well as the already mustached, follow these guidelines to keep that stache looking great!

4 Tips For Mustache Wax Rookies


When using mustache wax for the first time (much like many other things in life), it can be very easy to get carried away and go overboard. The point is not to glue your mustache down to your lip. The primary purpose of your mustache wax is to move your mustache to the side and away from your mouth, especially in the early training stages. This is also why a medium hold wax is recommended as to not turn your mustache into a hard clump of hairs.


Many times, bearded brothers try to curl their mustache much too early out of pure excitement of their new found facial hair. Have some patience here. Playing with your style can be fun but a premature handlebar mustache may look out of place. Start by applying a small amount of wax and train the hairs to grow to the side. The handle bars will come, there is no need to force it!


The last thing you want to do when applying any of your beard products, mustache wax particularly, is to be in a rush. I know it’s one more thing you have to do as your rushing out the door to work, but your mustache is right in the center of your face and is a focal point when you’re face to face with someone. After you apply your oil, and any other products you may use, take your time to evenly apply your mustache wax so you don’t walk out the door with clumps of wax balled in your stache. Related: Learn more about beard oil


Until you get some serious length and have the ability to curl your stache, the goal of your wax is to provide practicality so you eat and drink without chomping off half your mustache. However, have some fun with it! One of my favorite things to do is to play around with different styles. Your beard is unique to you, embrace what you have and have some fun with it! I know I mentioned not go for the premature handle bar…but you have your beard because you want to..not for anyone else so style it how you like it best! Related: Learn more about our #1 selling Mustache Wax Our team is here to support you any way we can. If you have a question about applying your wax, styling recommendations, or product information, don't hesitate to reach us at If you found this article helpful, please share it! Live Bearded, Brother!