Mustache Wax Advice For The Perfect Handlebar

Spencer Bryce |

If you've followed us for any amount of time, you probably know that I believe every Beardsman out there should have a handlebar mustache, or at the very least grow one out at least once to see how they like it. When you do, you'll quickly learn that Mustache Wax will become your best friend.

Ok, maybe not your best friend, but certainly something you'll want to keep close at all times.

Mustache wax is an incredible tool to use to create a unique look to your mustache, and really set your beard apart from everyone else. It is one of those things though that can quickly go wrong which is why I wanted to give you a few tips or guidelines to follow when using mustache wax. 

5 Mustache Wax Tips For The Perfect Handlebar

1. Start Training Early

Mustache hairs can be extremely unruly, so it'll take a little time for your hairs to want to grow and lay down in any sort of an organized manner. One way to get a leg up on the shape is to train it early. Before you really get length on it, take a little (I mean little) bit of mustache wax and pull the hairs down and to the side. Do this every day and as they grow out they will lay down much easier. 

2. Be Patient

I know I just told you to train your hairs early, which you definitely should. BUT, you really want to time the "curl" of your handlebar just right. Too often, usually out of excitement from having what's quickly turning into a magnificent handlebar mustache, guys try to curl the ends too early! 

I think just about everyone does it, but honestly it's not the best look! You want to wait until the hair are long enough to all come together, not just flipping the ends up! So be patient, let your mustache grow, and twist the ends up when you have some actual length on your stache. 

3. Don't Over Apply

This is a very common mistake and something I personally see all the time. The point of the mustache wax is to shape your mustache, and create some room around your mouth to make eating a drinking slightly easier. 

Too often (usually early on), guys use too much mustache wax in attempt to glue their mustache down. Now, if you're looking to curl the ends, that's a little different story, but otherwise you really want to use the mustache wax to shape your mustache in as natural of a way as possible. 

4. Twist As You Apply

Once you have some good lengh on your mustache and you can start to curl the ends up, you may run into the common issue of the sides not wanting to curl up in the same way. The left side may naturally want to flip up and the right may flip down, or vice versa. Don't worry, we'll get that stache nice and perky for ya!

As you're applying your mustache wax, start on the middle and work your way to the outside. As you get to the sides, you want to roll your thumb and finger as if you're snapping to twist the hairs up. Use your right hand for the right side of your mustache, and your left hand for the left side. Here's a video to demonstrate how:

5. Always Keep Mustache Wax Nearby

Having a handlebar mustache is great, but trust me, there is nothing worse than having a handlebar and not having your mustache wax nearby. With mustache wax in, your handlebars are flipped up and looking great. Without mustache wax, your stache is a sad, sad looking mess of hair. 

The last thing you want to do is need a little wax and not have it nearby. So apply your wax in the morning and throw it in your pocket in case you need to reapply. 


Mustache wax alone can help solve most of your handlebar mustache problems, but your hairs do grow at different rates and sometimes the mustache hairs can be extremely unruly. If you struggle with uneven sides or some rogue hairs, you'll want to trim some of that away to give your mustache shape. There is an art to trimming a handlebar mustache which we cover in detail in this article!

If you haven't attempted growing your mustache out, I challenge you to give it a shot! Very worse case you don't like it and you trim it back down. What do you have to lose? 

I hope you found this article helpful! Hit the share button if you did to spread the word and help other beardsman out! If you have any questions at all or need advice on your mustache, don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

Live Bearded, Brother!