Our All Natural Beard Wash Recipe

Pete Migneault |

Fellas! We’re back again with another breakdown of one of our friggen awesome beard products. Today you’re going to learn what Beard Wash is and why you need our Live Bearded All Natural Beard Wash in your life.

What is Beard Wash?

Beard wash, to put it simply, is a specially formulated shampoo made to clean and nourish the hair that grows on your face specifically. For all you guys out there who are rocking a beard as a part of your daily look, you need to give your beard the same level of TLC as the rest of your body when it comes to hygiene and grooming.

Why Should You Use All Natural Beard Wash?

Someone with curly hair might opt for a different kind of shampoo than someone with pin straight hair. On that same note, the hair you grow on top of your head is very different from the hair you grow on your face. That being said, using a product that is not meant for your beard and your face may end up doing more harm than good.

For instance, the regular shampoo will likely strip your face of all of its natural oils leaving your skin dry and flaky. As you men know, the longer the beard, the itchier your face will become. Using the right beard wash will help to prevent itchiness.

Not to mention, using a product that is made for beards and their needs will ultimately keep your beard and skin underneath healthy and soft. It’s not something that we tend to consider, but beards tend to hold onto bacteria. These bacteria can lead to infections (acne and such). By using beard wash regularly, you are doing your beard and yourself a huge favor.

The American All Natural Beard Wash

Benefits of Live Bearded’s All Natural Beard Wash Recipe

As we mentioned above, the hair you grow on your face is very different than the hair on top of your head. Regular shampoo is formulated specifically for the hair growing out of your scalp and nothing else. Not to mention, regular shampoo isn’t made to accommodate for the skin on your face either.

Our 100% Natural Beard Wash recipe has the health of your skin as well as your beard in mind. Our specially chosen, natural ingredients are gentle on the skin, while still being tough enough to cleanse even the coarsest beards. After a long day of work, our all-natural Beard Wash will leave you and your face feeling refreshed and recharged for the next day ahead.

We’re men, and we’re busy! We don’t have time to sort through and open more than one bottle while you’re in the shower. Leave that to the women. That’s why we’ve come up with our triple threat beard wash. A beard wash that is great for your beard, hair, and body. Get in the shower, get the job done, and get out. That’s all you really want to do, right fellas?

Our All Natural Beard Wash Recipe

All of our Beard Wash scents contain the same, natural ingredients.  Here is a breakdown of every ingredient in our beard wash.

• Aqua (water) – A base in our formula; as well as a necessity to keep your skin and beard hydrated.

• Decyl Glucoside – Natural surfactant (cleanser) derived from coconuts and corn; Often used for those with sensitive skin.

• Lauryl Betaine – Vegetable derived; Contains significant hair and skin conditioning properties; contains an antistatic agent.

• Xanthan Gum – A natural, sugar-based thickener often used in face and hair products; found to also contain skin-conditioning properties.

• Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) – Known for its healing and inflammation relief properties; contains many powerful antioxidants.

• Citric acid – Found naturally in citric fruits such as lemons and limes; adjusts the acidity of the skin, promoting a healthy, youthful look.

• Benzoic Acid – Occurs naturally in cherry bark, raspberries, cassia bark, and some tea plants; Benefits include anti-aging and moisturizing.

• Dehydroacetic acid – A natural fungicide and bactericide; Often used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of organisms that would affect the products shelf life and efficacy.

• Natural Essential and Fragrance Oils – Each essential oil comes with their own unique benefits; each of our different Beard Wash formulas comes with its own unique blend of essential and natural fragrance oils.

Our All Natural Beard Wash

Our All Natural Beard Wash Scents

We offer six unique beard wash scents, each specially concocted for every kind of man out there. Blue collar, white color, no collar at all, doesn’t matter. We have a scent that will match your life and personality.

Straight Up – Unscented; Scented products aren’t for everyone and we get that. Of course, this Beard Wash still has all of the same benefits as the rest of our beard wash products.

The American – This masculine, woodsy aroma is derived from a blend of Pine, Cedar, Vetiver, and Bergamot essential oils. Leaving your beard with a light, smoky, campfire scent. Enjoying the scent of nature and nostalgia doesn’t have to end once you leave the woods.

The Executive – Businessmen have beards too. With our beard wash, your beard will make a good impression on your company when you walk in and show them “who’s the boss”. With a subtle blend of leather, vanilla, and cedar essential oils, this smooth fragrance will seal the deal before you even enter the board room.

The Legend – The name says it all. If “awesomeness” had a scent, this would be it. Sandalwood and vanilla essential oil scents will have you feeling like you can conquer the world, and then some, all day long.

The Wilderness – For all of you nature-lovers and hunters out there, bring the fresh scents of the forest with you everywhere you go. Our woodsy blend of Pine, Cedar, and Eucalyptus will add a bold, earthy scent to your beard so that you can enjoy the scents of the forest even when you can’t actually be out there.

The Wingman - Drop the tagalong buddy when heading out to the bar or the club. With this beard wash, your beard is the only wingman you will ever need. Women will go crazy over the essential oil blend of citrus, clove, and vanilla. They won’t be able to get enough of you and your beard.

Your beard is a big part of your look and personality, and you work hard growing and grooming it. With our naturally formulated beard wash recipe, you can give your beard the TLC that it deserves. With our variety of scents to choose from, there is a beard wash for every guy out there that will make you feel at the top of your beard game all day, every day.  And did I mention all of our beard wash is made right here in the good ol' US of A?!!  

Brothers, keep your beard clean, and as always...LIVE BEARDED!