Pirate Drake: The Story Behind The Fragrance

Nathan Daggett |

We are super excited to announce our newest seasonal fragrance, Pirate Drake!

Now if you've been following us for a while, you know Pirate Drake isn't technically NEW...

We launched this incredible fragrance in 2020 and it sold out nearly immediately.

Too fast in fact, as the treasured Pirate Drake inventory was plundered before many were able to get their hands on it. Sorry guys!

And those who were lucky enough to get some have been begging us to bring it back ever since...so we did.

Pirate Drake isn't just a Pirate-themed fragrance, but rather a fragrance in celebration of a very specific Pirate...

Sir Francis Drake, and his influence on the creation of the very iconic cocktail, the Mojito!

Legend has it that during his Great Expedition to the New World, an epidemic of scurvy and dysentery broke out aboard his ship. Drake and his crew scoured the seas until they landed ashore in Cuba where they found a local blend of Rum (or a precursor to rum - Aguardiente de caña) mixed with lime, sugarcane juice, and mint.

This concoction not only tasted delicious, but it staved off illness and was shortly given the name "El Draque" in Drake's honor, and is now known as the popular Mojito.

While there are some competing beliefs as to who really was responsible for the creation of what we now know as the MOJITO, this is the story we were inspired by for the creation of this fragrance.

A mojito is one of those drinks that even if you don't drink, you still want to take a whiff of the fresh, citrus, aroma it exudes. It smells of good times and Caribbean vibes, with a fresh blast of Bay Rum, Lime, and Mint.

But don't just take my word for it, check out what these reviews had to say about the fragrance:

Pirate Drake smells like that much needed vacation. Quiet beach, toes in the sand, mojito in hand - paradise in a bottle

When you crack open the bottle, a bold wave of spicy, woodsy bay rum sweeps over the senses, transporting you to a swashbuckling pirate ship on the high seas. Next you get a zingy burst of cool, invigorating mint followed by a juicy aroma of fresh lime, suggesting tales of tropical islands and hidden treasures.

If you're looking for a killer fragrance that'll be noticed everywhere you go, Pirate Drake is for you!

If this sounds like something you'll love, I highly recommend you sign up for the VIP LIST to get early access before it sells out, again.

And remember, Not all treasure is silver and gold.