1-Minute Quick & Effective Beard Grooming Routine | Look Polished Every Day!

Spencer Bryce |

What’s up guys my name is Spence and I’m one of the founders here at Live Bearded and I’m gonna jump right in as to not waste your time.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have but a few minutes to spare, this is how you can get your beard to look great in under 60 seconds without a shower.

Step 1: Rinse Your Beard

Since you don’t have time to shower, instead, get some warm water on your hands.

Don’t get your beard fully wet, but instead take your wet hands and massage under the beard on the skin.

You really want to massage the skin and hairs to reset them and eliminate any bed beard or messiness you got going.

Do this for all areas of your beard and mustache.

Step 2: Comb It Out

Grab your comb and I recommend combing up first, then down and into place.

This will separate and help aid in the resetting of your hairs.

Step 3: Apply Oil & Butter

From here you can dab a few drops of oil into your palms, rub them together, and apply under the beard to the skin.

Follow with the butter by scooping a little out, melting down in your hands, and applying to your beard.

At this point you can hit it with the comb again. I always recommend up first, then down, and your’e good to go.

Yes, your beard won’t be perfectly clean, but you don’t have time for a full shower to wash and condition.

You've got shit to do.

Plus, with how great your beard is gonna smell nobody will know the difference anyway.

Alright there you have it guys.

There is no reason you should leave the house without at least resetting your beard and putting at least 1 minute into it.

If you have any questions hit us up anytime and we’re here to help.

Now go kick some ass.