Running With The Beards 5k RECAP

Spencer Bryce |

We came. We ran. We donated. And boy did we have some fun along the way!

Our first annual Running with the Beards went off with a bang as we made our way to the finish line to raise awareness for the Movember foundation and men's health.

Over 270 (bearded and fake-bearded) individuals laced up their sneakers to conquer the beautiful Kiwanis Park 5k course.

Some were there to race, others walked at a leisurely pace. It was an event the whole family enjoyed. Most importantly, we were all there for a good cause. 

Here at Live Bearded, it's about more than beards.

We started this company to build a community of men where we could all come together to inspire each other to Do Better as men every single day.

For ourselves, for our families, for our communities.

We wanted to put on this event to not only have some fun, but to hopefully inspire you guys to check in with your health.

It's really easy for us to put off doctor visits. I've been guilty of this in the past. Having to carve time out to book the appointment, drive to the office, wait, check in, wait some more...

Only to have the doc tell me I'm healthy. What a pain.

But I can tell you from recent experiences that things come up unexpectedly, and the slight inconvenience now can save you a whole of of pain down the road.

So, although I'm not your mom, she'd appreciate me telling you to stay up on your health. Stop putting things off and take care of yourself. Your future self will appreciate it.

Thanks to all of you who participated both here locally and virtually. We very much look forward to doing the event even bigger and better next year!