STOP Doing These 5 Things to Your Beard Immediately

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Spencer Bryce |

Growing a beard is as easy as putting the razor down, but growing and maintaining an impressive beard takes avoiding these 5 things. 

1. Washing With Bar Soap or Shampoo

The skin on your face is very different than the skin on the rest of your body, so you need to treat it so. Bar soap and regular shampoos have intense cleaning properties that can dry out your beard and face, causing irritation, damage and slow growth to your beard.

You need to use a beard wash that is designed specifically for your beard and face to give you a deep cleanse without damaging and drying out your beard and face. The result will be a much softer and easier to style beard.

2. Beard Straightener

This topic has been quite the heated debate lately, pun intended. Here at Live Bearded, we take the stance of being against using a heated beard straightener. The primary reason is that they apply direct heat onto your beard hairs that can cause some serious heat damage to your beard.

Many of the beard straighteners you see on amazon are cheap, imported knock-off units with a logo slapped on. They can break down the integrity of your follicles and cause breakage if left on too long.

Plus, my personal preference is that a beard isn't supposed to look perfectly stick straight. Cut this out and you'll save some time in your beard grooming routine, not to mention saving the health of your beard.

3. Using Unnatural Products

You should care about the quality of the beard products you are using as these products absorb into your body through your hair and skin. Avoid products that use any alcohol or harsh synthetic fillers or ingredients as they will damage your face and beard, cause irritation and can slow your beard growth.

We recommend using all-natural beard products that are sourced and made here in the USA. YES, we sell all-natural beard products, but whether you buy from us or not, you need to read the ingredient list and make sure you know exactly what you're putting into your body!

4. Trimming on Your Jawline

When you first define your beard shape, you need to get the lines correct, and the most often gone wrong beard line is the neckline. You do NOT want to trim your neckline on your jawline, this is much too high.

You want to trim this line in where your head connects to your neck, or just above your Adams apple. The neck hairs will give your beard a much fuller foundation as it grows in length so these hairs are critical.

5. Comb Too Often, Or Not Enough

Combing your beard is necessary to keeping your beard looking great, but combing too often can actually be a bad thing. Avoid creating a habit of tugging on your beard or combing constantly as you can actually lose hair and create bald spots.

The flip side to this is that you need to comb your beard more than one time per day as your beard will get a little out of place throughout the day. Driving with the windows down and the wind blowing through your beard? Grab your comb and run through your beard when you park just to make sure it isn't sticking sideways.

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