Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Beard Immediately

Red Roze |


A well groomed beard is a great look for any man, but a lot of guys with beards, or growing a beard, are making it harder on themselves than it needs to be to achieve a healthy and full looking beard. 

Here are 5 things you should STOP doing to your beard, right now.


1. Stop Using Harsh Chemicals

Many beard products, and general grooming products on the market, contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair and irritate the skin.

I'm sure you've been there.

Avoid products that contain alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh ingredients, and opt for natural products instead.

This is critically important for us here at Live Bearded and you'll never find any of these harsh ingredients in our products.

Cheers to that!

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With a super computer in your pocket, there's no excuse for not checking a product's ingredients before you put it on your body.

And just because you can't pronounce an ingredient, doesn't mean it's bad. A little research goes a long way. Your beard is worth a few minutes research, right?!


2. Stop Wishing Your Beard Was Different

We've heard this one a LOT.

I wish my beard was fuller, straighter, curlier...

We've heard it all. Too often we want what we don't have, and it does you no good to sit and dwell on all the things your beard isn't.

Now every guy out there has something they don't love about their beard. Even the beard you wish you had.

We encourage you to rock what you got, and do your best to make your beard the best it can be.

Groom it. Take care of it. Wear it with confidence.


3. Stop Trimming Too High on Your Jawline

We firmly believe you should rock the beard style that gives you the most confidence, whatever that is.

That said...

For all but a few men, a chin strap isn't the best look.

Too often we see guys with their cheek lines too low, or worse - their jawline too high. Trim to high or low and it's going to make your beard look more like a chin strap than a beard.

Less is more, the old saying goes.

When it comes to trimming your cheek line, keep it as high as naturally possible and only trim away the hairs that are rogue above the bulk of your beard.

For the jawline, which is super important, trim where the head connects to the neck typically a fingers width above your adams apple. This will ensure you grow a nice full beard.


4. Stop Drying with High Heat

Beard straighteners and blow dryers are widely used by men looking to ditch the curls for a straighter looking beard style.

We fully support this and it can be done safely...

You want to avoid excessive heat, and avoid applying beard oil PRIOR to applying the heat or you'll fry your beard to a crisp. Dry brittle hair with split ends is not a good look. Use cool air - your beard will thank you.


5. Stop Applying Beard Oil to Just Your Beard

Beard Oil is likely the first product every beard guy works into his beard grooming routine, and rightfully so. It's the foundation of a great beard.

However, many guys apply beard oil all wrong by only putting the oil on their beard hairs. Big mistake.

Beard oil was designed for your skin - under your beard - and should be applied and massaged into your skin, and then worked through your beard hairs.

Moisturizing your skin with beard oil will create a healthier environment for your beard to thrive, and promote healthier, better beard growth.


Just Stop Already 😉

If you do any of these - don't worry, we've all been there. Just stop doing them and you'll be on your way to a better beard!


It's our mission to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best.

Reach out if you need anything at all as we are here to help.

And as always, Live Bearded, brother!