Stop Using Beard Oil On Your Beard

Spencer Bryce |

Beard Oil was one of the first beard grooming products on the market and rightfully so. It not only solves problems like beard itch and more, but it helps promote healthy better beard growth.

We strongly believe it to be necessary for beards of all lengths, styles, colors, and textures. Heck, you probably are (and should be) using it daily. 

But what if I told you most Beardsmen are using beard oil wrong? Are You?

You see, Beard Oil is NOT designed for your beard, but rather the skin UNDER your beard. A good beard starts with good skin, and many "beard problems" come simply from having unhealthy, dry skin under your beard.

As you grow a beard, your beard hairs require conditioning to stay healthy so they draw away the natural sebum oils from your face. This leaves your face extremely dry, and if unattended your face will become terribly itchy, irritated, and flakey. The result of this is many men shave their beards even though that doesn't solve the problem at all. 

The solution, Beard Oil.

But you have to get the oil on the SKIN to really get the benefit. This will not only get rid of the irritation, but it will also give your beard a healthy environment to grow in. You'll grow better, have less damage, and of course, smell fantastic.

It's important to mention, beard oil isn't only to cure beard itch. Beard oil is an important step every Beardsman should incorporate into his morning grooming routine. Whether you're just growing your beard, or have a beard down to your belt buckle, beard oil is a must.

After you shower and wash your beard with an all-natural beard wash, dry your beard and apply your beard oil, then follow with beard butter and comb your beard into place.

By doing these 3 steps, which only take a few minutes, your beard will look, feel, smell and grow better than ever.

If you have any questions about this or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We have a LIFETIME guarantee on everything we do, and we are always here to help.

Live Bearded, Brother!