Take Radical Responsibility For Your Life

Nathan Daggett |

Today Mink is breaking down the day his life changed forever. The day he accepted radical responsibility, not just for the success in his life, but also the failures.

You see we believe this is the key to life, being really honest with yourself about what you are putting in to your life, and understanding that what you get out of life is a direct reflection of that.

It is never too late in life to start this process. So our challenge to you is to sit down, take an honest look at your life, and ask if it is what you want it to be. If it is not yet, have you truly put in the work that is required to get there? What can you be doing differently in your life to make that change?

We know this can be a painful, and intimidating thing to do, to sit there with a mirror to yourself and be radically transparent, and honest with yourself, but I promise that the moment you do, will be the moment everything changes!