Team Thoughts On Barbershop

Nathan Daggett |

If there's one thing we know, it's that buying a fragrance online can seem like a bit of a gamble...

You don't really know what it'll smell like until you get your hands on it and since we all have our own preferences, getting a fragrance to hit with everyone is no small task.

We want to take the risk away and give you as much feedback on Barbershop as possible, so we got with some of the team to get their thoughts. 

Immediately it takes you into an old school, vintage, classic barbershop.  It's just got a very clean, light fragrance.

This one-of-a-kind gentleman's cologne combines the crisp, clean scent of talc, with the bright refreshing scent of green aloe, and a touch of sandalwood to form a light and refreshing fragrance that is sure to be an instant classic.

While we all had slightly different opinions on the scent, there is one thing we all agreed on, as Mink said it smells "freakin' good!"

This seasonal scent is sure to be a hit so make sure you sign up for the early bird list to get access before it sells out!