Team Thoughts On Skal

Nathan Daggett |


If there's one thing we know, it's that buying a fragrance online can seem like a bit of a gamble...

You don't really know what it'll smell like until you get your hands on it and since we all have our own preferences, getting a fragrance to hit with everyone is no small task.

We want to take the risk away and give you as much feedback on Skal as possible, so we got with some of the team to get their thoughts. 

This Is My Wife's Favorite Fragrance That We Have!

Skal is a perfect blend of clean and musky. The Leather, Sandalwood, and Honey blend come together to form a perfect combination! 

While none of us could completely agree on exactly what it smelled like, we could all agree on one thing, Skal smells amazing!

This seasonal scent is sure to be a hit with you (and any shield maidens lucky enough to catch a whiff of that glorious beard!) So make sure you sign up for the early bird list to get access before it sells out, and Unleash Your Inner Warrior!