The 10 Beard Commandments

Spencer Bryce |

These are the 10 Beard Commandments of the True Beardsmen.

1. Thou shalt NOT shave!

Commandment 1

2. Thou shalt always give her what she wants

Commandment 2

 She Loves the B!

3. Thou shalt always remember to eat with caution

Commandment 3

4. Thou shalt remember that every day is a good beard day

Commandment 4

5. Thou shalt ignore those who tell thy to shave

Commandment 5

6. Thou shalt always protect those you love

Commandment 6

7. Thou shalt always acknowledge how great thy beard is

Commandment 7

8. Thou shalt have strength to fight thy itch

Commandment 8

 Or simply use all natural beard oil daily!

9. Thou shalt teach them young thy power of thy beard

Commandment 9

10. Thou shalt always respect thy power of thy beard

Commandment 10

With great beard comes great responsibility. Share this with your Bearded Brothers to make sure they follow these beard commandments and and respect the Beard!

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And as always, Live Bearded Brother!