The 45 Most Popular Beard Questions With Expert Answers

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We ALL have questions about our beards from growing and grooming, to trimming and more. So we sourced the most popular beard questions asked on Google, and put them right here for your convenience.

And YES, these are the actual questions that are asked by REAL people...


1. "When does beard growth stop?"

- Why in the world would you want it to?

2. "Beard when boxing??"

- HUH?

3. "Beard when kissing?"

- Better get used to this problem, champ!

4. "Beard when going down?"

- Now we're talking!!!

Thinking Beard

5. "Beard when young?"

- You lucky SOB!

6. "Beard when to give up?"

- Give up??! No-one likes a quitter!

7. "Beard when bald?"

- It’s a must... case in point...our brother George showing off his glorious beard!


8. "When beard stop itching?"

- When you apply beard oil!

9. "Beard when to trim?"

- Never! Step away from the scissors!!

10. "When beard turned white?"

- You’re OLD! Ok, that might be a little harsh. But at Live Bearded we think you should embrace those wisdom whiskers! You’ve earned them!

Gray Beard

11. "When beard stops growing?"

- You are likely not getting enough vitamins and nutrients to support healthy beard growth. Try increasing your exercise routine, get more sleep and eat a healthy diet. If that sounds like too much work...skip ahead to #24.

12. "When beard won’t connect?"

- See #11 above.


13. "What beard length is best?"

- MORE!!!! More beard is always a good idea.

Red Beard

14. "What beard products should I use?"

- Only the best! Learn more HERE!

15. "What beard oil should I use?"

- See #14

16. "What beard says about me?"


17. "What beard trimmer to buy?"

- Ok ok...a trim isn't the end of the world, and in fact, it's a great way to shape your beard. If you're looking for trimming advice, READ THIS ARTICLE!

18. "What beard styles are in?"

- Who cares what’s “in”. Grow a beard anyway.

19. "What beard is right for me?"

- The one on your face.

20. "What beard products to use?"

- All of them

21. "What beard oil does?"

- Makes your beard glorious, promotes healthy, fuller growth, and eliminates dry, itchy and irritated skin. Pretty cool huh?


22. "Why Beard doesn’t grow?"

23. "Why beard grows slow?"

24. "Why beard stops growing?"

- Lots of growth problems here! The fastest way to better growth, guaranteed BEARD BOOST!!! Backed by a LIFETIME guarantee, it'll help you grow faster, fuller and through plateaus.

Beard Boost

25. "Why beard hair is coarse?"

- Your body can't produce enough oil to keep your skin and beard moisturized as your beard grows in length. Apply Beard Oil and Beard Butter daily to moisturize and soften your beard hairs while promoting healthier, fuller growth.

26. "Why beard hair turns white?"

- You’re still old brother, sorry!

27. "Why beard makes you hotter?"

- Because women uncontrollable lust over bearded men

- Also..because it’s like wearing a wool sweater on your face year round

Beards = Women

28. "Why beard grows so fast?"

- Because you’re taking Beard Boost of course!

29. "Why beard comb?"

30. "Why beard brush?"

- No different than combing your hair.... So you don’t look like this guy!

Use a beard brush

31. "Why beard oil?"

- Refer back to #25

Recommended: Learn more about Beard Oil


32. "Are beards attractive?"

- Victoria's Secret Angels sure do think so....Read More HERE

Hot chicks love beards

33. "Are beard dyes safe?"

- We think you should embrace those wisdom whiskers…but if you want to know more you should READ THIS ARTICLE that covers everything you need to know about Beard Dye.

34. "Are beard oils safe?"

- Not all beard oils are created the same. Make sure you're using an All Natural Beard Oil made here in the USA so you can know with confidence what you're putting into your body is safe.

35. "Are beard transplants permanent?"

- Beard transplants? That’s ridiculous. Next question.


36. "Are beard trimmers allowed in carry on?"

- You guys sure do like to trim, don't you? See #17 for EVERYTHING you need to know about trimming your beard!

37. "Are beard supplements safe? Are they effective?"

- I can’t speak for all of them, but we have a LIFETIME guarantee on everything we sell. Not sure how many of the "others" can say the same. And yes, our beard growth supplements work incredibly well. Don't take my word for it, read the REVIEWS.


38. "How beard oil helps?"

- Moisturizes your skin and beard to promote healthier, fuller beard growth while eliminating dry, itchy and irritated skin.

39. "How beard looks on me?"

- Not sure how Google is supposed to know this…but I KNOW a beard will look GREAT on you, Brother!

40. "How beard changes face?"

- For the better!

41. "How beard oil?"

- Ummm….is that a question?

42. "How beard starts to grow?"

- When you decide to stop shaving!

Don't shave

43. "How beard oil is made?"

- Very carefully, of course.

44. "How beard come faster?"

- I’ll refrain from the dirty joke here….just eat your veggies and refer back to #24.

45. "How beard should look?"

- Here's the deal brother, we all grow differently, and that's what makes each beard unique! We believe you should embrace the beard you have, whether it's white, black, thin, short or long.

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