The Bald Truth: Why Astronauts Don't Rock Beards

Nathan Daggett |

With all of the buzz (and by that I mean talk, not Aldrin) around Voyager lately we have seen a lot of comments about astronauts not having beards, so we figured why not address it. So strap in and prepare to learn why astronauts don't usually have beards.

Airtight Seal

In space, maintaining an airtight seal is crucial to prevent leaks and maintain a habitable environment. Every piece of equipment, including spacesuits, helmets, and life support systems, is carefully designed to fit snuggly together. That means your beard could get caught in the seal, and not only would it be uncomfortable, but it could cost you your life!

Cleaning Conundrum

Personal hygiene in space is a whole new ball game. With limited resources and zero-gravity, daily life becomes somewhat of a logistical challenge. Think about how many beard hairs you find on your sink, now imagine those floating around inside the International Space Station!

Velcro, We Have A Problem

You may be surprised to learn that many astronauts' space suits use a Velcro-based system to secure equipment and tools. Unfortunately beards and Velcro don't mix well. Velcro's effectiveness depends on the strength of it's adhesive properties, and a hairy face simply won't deliver the same reliable results. When it comes to living in zero gravity, it is all about functionality!


While beards certainly add a touch of rugged charm to individuals on Earth, they find themselves left behind in the quest for space exploration. Astronauts must prioritize safety, efficiency, and hygiene, and sporting facial hair can complicate matters in these weightless frontiers.

So, until technology finds a way to reconcile beards and space travel, our astronauts will continue to embrace the clean-shaven look. In the meantime, let's salute these remarkable voyagers and the sacrifices they make, including giving up their beloved beards in the name of venturing into the unknown.

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