The Best Beard Oil?

Pete Migneault |

Ok boys, this is always a hot topic and a question I see get asked almost daily around the internet beard world.  The big bad beard question every beardsman wants to know.  The question all these cheesy beard product review blogs make articles about, only to link you to terrible beard products on Amazon so they can make a commission.  The biggest, baddest, most sought after question every true beards-friggen-man wants to know...WHAT IS THE BEST BEARD OIL?!! AHHHHHHHH! BOOOOOOM!

Now, at Live Bearded, we try to stay humble and provide our customers with the absolute best quality products we can.  With that being said, we might be sliiiiightly biased to our own products, simply because we use them every day and know what we put into them.

I am not going to get into the beard oil basics, because we have plenty of articles breaking down every aspect of beard oil.  But let's specifically talk about what you would want to look for to determine who really has the best beard oil...

All Natural Beard Oil

All Natural Ingredients

Let's start with the most important determining factor when it comes to talking about the best beard oil(s).  Ingredients.  You will literally find hundreds of different beard oils on the market when you start digging around.  Very few will be from reputable companies you can trust, and even fewer will be made with all natural ingredients.  Yah gotta be careful with those $4.99 beard oils on Amazon.  Many of them are made in China with cheap synthetic ingredients that can do more harm to your beard than good.  With that being said, a quick way to narrow down your best beard oil list is to immediately eliminate any beard oils you find that are not 100% all natural!

Return Policy

Return Policy

This one is kind of a no brainer, but we'll go over it anyways.  If you are buying beard oil from a company that doesn't back their own product(s), that likely means they don't believe in the quality of it.  Be sure to purchase from a reputable company that has a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.  Once you find a high quality beard oil made with all natural ingredients, the next hurdle is dialing in a scent you like.  With so many scents out there and no way to smell them if you're ordering online, you sometimes have to roll the dice and hope you will like it.  If you get a scent you hate, you will want to be sure you can return it or swap it out for a different one.  If the company you purchase from does not offer this option, you may find yourself with beard oil you don't like collecting dust in your bathroom cabinet.


Obviously when you're making any purchase, cost comes into the decision making process.  You will find beard oils priced all over the place from $3.99 to $40 for 1oz on beard oil.  I will say this, typically good beard oil is cheap and cheap beard oil isn't good.  When you're looking at a 1oz bottle of beard oil for $3.99, take a good look at the ingredients as well.  What you will typically find is cheap carrier oils you can't pronounce and synthetic fragrance oils used for scent, amongst some random chemicals they mix in.  Needless to say, you do not wanna put it in your beard and on your face.

There is typically a happy medium you will find with companies using all natural ingredients in their beard oil blends, and falling in the $18-$25 range.  If you are paying $40 for 1oz of beard oil, I hate the break it to you, but you're getting ripped off.

Our beard oil isn't the cheapest, but it also isn't the most expensive either.  When it comes to quality, our beard oil can battle the highest priced beard oils on the market and come out on top.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

In my opinion, this is the big dawg.  Real reviews, from real people, who have used the product(s).  Nothing is going to tell you if a beard oil is good more than reading the confessions and opinions of the people who have bought and used it.  I am just going to drop a handful of the thousands reviews we have received and let you read for yourself:

  • “This stuff is the top of the line as far as beard oils go. I tried several different brands and scents but my search is over. You guys nailed it on this one.” - William R., The Legend Beard Oil Customer

  • "I love this product and the smell of it. Fantastic product. I've been using The American since father's day and will keep using it." - David C., The American Beard Oil Customer

  • "All of Live Bearded's oils have the perfect thickness, not too light and not too heavy. This is my favorite scent, like The Legend but a little more complex. Definitely get the beard butter to match. My whole routine is Live Bearded, so thankful for this company." - Peter W., The Executive Beard Oil Customer

  • "I was always skeptical about beard oils and different beard products, but then I kept seeing live Bearded on Instagram and Facebook, so I thought “let me try these guys out”. Man am I glad I did. Been using the Wingman oil and butter for a few weeks now and can already see and feel the difference. My beard is softer than ever and looks way better too!! You guys have really something special here....I just wish I could shake both of your hands and say thank you!! My next purchase will be the wooden comb and beard wash, can’t wait 😬 Keep up the good work brothers and thank you Bearded brother" - Kenny M., The Wingman Beard Oil Customer

  • "This stuff is amazing. I love the smell of this oil. and most of all so does my wife. it soothes my skin and helps me in my daily beard grooming. Thanks, Brothers for a great product." - George D., The Legend Beard Oil Customer

  • "Okay, so we are done with the two unscented beard oils, let’s move into what I think is the best smelling beard oil out there.  The American by Live Bearded.  I had a chance of trying this one out when I visited the US some time ago, and even though it’s been a while, I still reminiscent “The American” as my all-time favorite beard oil scent." - Ali Kuoppala.,

Fellas, these are just 5 random reviews I pulled off our website.  We literally have thousands between our website, our emails to customer support, and our social media pages.  Don't ever take fake marketing advertisements too seriously.  Just go read real reviews and you will quickly learn what is good and what isn't.  

We have received loads of feedback stating that they have "tried every single beard product out there and Live Bearded is the best".  We love reading this type of feedback as it let's us know we are delivering high quality beard oil to our brothers.

Company Values

Company Values

Last but not least, before you buy from a company, do you care or research what they stand for?  Do they give back to the community and donate support charities?  I know none of this makes the quality of the product you're buying any better, but it does hold some weight.  Let's say you find two products that are comparable, or that you like equally.  If one doesn't support or stand for anything, and the other support causes and holds stances that are important to you, who do you go with?  I know who I would buy my beard oil from!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, asking who makes or what is the best beard oil is a tough one.  It's much like saying who makes the best ice cream, or who makes the best hot sauce.  If you ask a hundred different people, you will likely a mixed bag of opinions.  BUT!  It doesn't mean you can't narrow it down to a select few and then make your choice(s) from there.  I hope this quick outline gives you a starting point if you are really trying to dial in and find the best beard oil!

We may be a little biased, but if you're reading this article, I think you know what beard oil we think is the best on the market!  It is all natural and has a 365 day no hassle return or exchange policy.  Why?  Because we know our product is superior and we stand behind it 100%.

Thanks for reading.