The Perfect Short Beard Grooming Routine!

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JP Harris |

Hey Brother, JP Here!  Welcome to another episode of JPz Corner!  In this episode I am going to run you through my daily routine, and explain how to properly take care of a short beard!

If you have a short beard or a long beard, these steps will benefit you. Whether you know it or not you have a daily routine you implement to get your beard looking its best. If you are looking to add to your routine or change it up, these tips and ideas can help you create your perfect routine!

My Short Beard Daily Routine

I'll be the first to tell you I am an early riser, which usually entails getting up at 0430 to hit the gym! That may mean getting a workout in my garage, going for a run or even a sunrise hike. Regardless, I start every day by getting my body moving. Once that sweat session is over, I hit the showers.

Rather than reaching for regular shampoo or bar soap, I grab some of my Live Bearded Beard Wash. Because it's designed for my beard and face specifically, it gets rid of all the sweat and grime without drying out and causing damage to my beard (plus it smells fantastic!). The formula cleans and nourishes my beard.  Taking away all the nasty and leaving my beard fresh, soft and ready for the next step! 


After the shower, I towel dry my beard, just enough to get about 90% of the water out and then head to the sink.  That is where I keep the beard oil! I love it all, but the Executive has been my solid go to lately!  I find its fragrance to be professional and yet fun.  Nostalgic really!  But if I'm being honest, my wife loves it which makes me wanna wear it even more!! 

When I apply the oil, I use about a dime size amount.  I find that for me, that is the perfect amount. Then I rub into my skin under my beard! It gives my beard that softness and shine without being greasy. The beard oil nourishes and moisturizes my skin and helps my beard be soft, and grow healthier and fuller.

The next step is applying my Beard Butter. I've found that especially with a short beard, the fly-aways can be really crazy and more noticeable. Beard Butter will condition and moisturize you beard and help those crazy little fly-aways to stay under control! 


The Final step to my beard routine requires a blow dryer. It seems pretty simple, but the technique is where its at! I always blow dry up from the bottom, while combing up, with my Beard Comb.  I follow that by pointing the blow dryer down while following it with the comb. From there I use the Bamboo Brush and blow dry down again. 

I find that using the bamboo brush helps to separate my hair and help to keep it straighter! It's all about training that hair, even when it is short! Finally I blow dry down again, with the Boar Hair Brush.  This gives me that final styling edge that I prefer for a short beard style! 

Final Thoughts

This beard routine process works great for a short beard, but it also works for long beard styles and everything in between. At the end of the day, it's really just about keeping it clean, moisturized and combed or brushed into place.  

I recommend having fun with it and mixing up your beard style regularly. Grow it long, cut it short! It's always fun to mix it up.

I hope you found this article helpful! Stay tuned to the next episode of JPz Corner, it's gonna be a good one!! If you guys are loving these episodes featuring JP, feel free to shoot us an email at!

Be Grateful, Do Better, and Live Bearded Brother!