The Best Way to Trim a Long Beard

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Ben York |

After you've spent MONTHS patiently growing out your beard, the thought of getting it trimmed or even shaped can be downright scary!

That is, unless you have a solid barber who knows what they are doing...

And we have the best in the biz right down the road from us!

Our go-to guy, Parker at SunGold Tattoo & Barber, shows us that even if you have a long beard, getting it shaped and trimmed without removing any length can make it look fuller, healthier and all-around badass!

It's all in the details...

When you watch the video, be on the lookout for the following: 

  • :28 -- Notice how carefully Parker shapes Mike's sideburns.
  • 1:15 -- That scissor work is insane! Super precise. 
  • 2:05 -- Parker uses a straight razor to define the cheekline. 

Special thanks to Brother Mike S. for letting us tag along. Epic beard, brother!

Don't forget that we're more than happy to provide custom tips and advice for your beard. Just be sure to shoot us an email with a photo and any questions you have and we'll hook you up!

If you have a longer-sized beard like Mike, these videos may be of use to you in your bearded journey...

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Until next time, 

Live Bearded, Brother!