The Fears We Don't Face, Become Our Limitations

Nathan Daggett |


Today we are discussing fear.

Fear is an emotion that helped keep us alive, and moving forward. Back when we had to survive a night full of predators, fear kept us safe. The problem is, our relationship with fear hasn't changed with us.

Today our lives are infinitely safer, and yet our bodies still process the same level of fear. 

Now instead of fear of predators, we are afraid to take a leap in business because it may disturb our comfort, or we are afraid to ask that woman out, because it may hurt our pride.

The problem with that, is that if we do not face our fears, they become our limitations.

We have gotten so comfortable in our lives, that often times we will do anything to protect that comfort, but in doing so we sacrifice something far greater, our potential.

So our challenge to you is to become limitless. Face your fears, break through your limitations, and dare to find out just how great you can be!