"The Regular Guys" Episode 1: Embrace Your Beard

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Ben York |

We're calling this new content series "The Regular Guys" for one simple reason...

Dusty and Ben are just a couple of regular guys!

(Genius, we know.)

In all seriousness, the entire point of this new series is just to sit down and shoot the s--t with our brothers/customers.

We're all at different stages in our life journey; some of us are where we want to be and others are still on the come up... 

Wherever you are, embrace it!  

In the first episode, Dusty and Ben talk about...

Brothers, if you're at a point on your bearded journey where you feel stuck, Live Bearded has tips and tricks to help you out! 

If you send in your questions, we'll read and talk about them in the next episode.

Just leave a comment or shoot us a note at support@livebearded.com; we'll help each and every one of you out!