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The Scent Test: Beard Oil & Butter

Hey, what does that smell like?

We hear it over, and over again, what does the (insert product name) smell like? The truth is, buying grooming products online can be tough because you have no idea what the products will actually spell-like, and since fragrance is a personal preference for everyone, it creates a challenge. 

Side note: that's why we created our Free Shipping & Free Returns policy and why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell. 

While hosting Beer'd Fest 2018 in Castle Rock, CO with our friends at Burly Brew Co. we set up a booth and gave everyone the opportunity to sample our products and smell them for themselves. The reactions were hilarious and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive! 

We've invested countless hours, and almost a year of our lives to find the perfect balance of essential oils in our all-natural grooming products and it's so rewarding to see so much positive feedback at Beer'd Fest. Not to mention the 5000+ five star reviews we've received in the last year and a half. 

We currently offer 4 unique fragrance lines and 1 unscented line of products. Each has its own unique blend of all-natural essential oils and a smell we guarantee you'll fall in love with, or we'll replace it for you. Our fragrances include: 


the american

Essential Oils: pine, cedar, vetiver, bergamot

With this fragrance, you'll be transported deep into the woods, sitting next to a crackling campfire with the sweet smell of burning cedar and pine in the air. This bold, masculine and woodsy aroma ignites your patriotism and is sure to get you noticed. It's time to put some FREEDOM in your beard and live boldly! 


the legend

Essential Oils: sandalwood with a hint of vanilla

This fragrance will transform your beard from good to great with a timeless scent worn by all the greats. This instant classic is a fresh, clean, crisp blast of sophistication with the soothing and smooth aroma of rich sandalwood and touch of vanilla that will leave you feeling legendary! 


the wildneress

Essential Oils: pine, cedar, eucalyptus

This fragrance will bring out the woodsman in you. It's as if you are stepping deep into a forest of pine, cedar, and eucalyptus that tickle your senses. This masculine scent is earthy and bold enough that even the late Grizzly Adams himself would approve. 



Essential Oils: citrus, clove, vanilla

Citrus is in the air and in your beard with this one. Prepare your beard for excessive fondling with this spiced citrus blend. It's a light, fresh and complex aroma that smells like an orange grove summer. A favorite among the ladies, making this oil the only wingman you'll ever need. 


straight up

Essential Oils: None

Some men like it on the rocks, others like it straight up! STRAIGHT UP is our fragrance-free product line and is perfect for pairing with other products, or your favorite cologne. If you're looking for a fragrance-free, this one is for you! 

If you'd like to check out products and try them for yourself, click here to learn more.  

Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help any way we can. Leave us a comment below and let us know what product line is your favorite. Are you a legend? Wingman? American through and though? We wanna hear from you, drop us a note below. 

And as always, Live Bearded brother!