The Truth: 7 Real Reasons Guys Grow Beards

Spencer Bryce |

Since the dawn of time, beards have been known to be a symbol of masculinity, tenaciousness, and resourcefulness. They purge confidence and attract women.

More and more men in today’s society are embracing the hairier side of things and ditching the razor for a more natural look.

You see, beards are absolutely natural. Shaving the damn thing is what’s unnatural. With the amount of beards around the world at an all time high, we wanted to know why Men are really growing one?


Many of our brothers have served this beautiful country and have not had the ability to grow their beards during service. As a civilian, many choose to grow their beards wild and free as their "Freedom Beard".

This is a very common theme in our Brotherhood and we are forever grateful for the men and women who serve to protect this Country and make it as great as it is.


Shocker right? Beards look cool. It’s that simple. Whether you are rocking the shorter, well groomed beard, or growing it wild and free, beards look good on most (we think all) dudes.

They will undoubtably start conversations with friends as well as strangers, and give you a presence second to none.


This has been known to be the most common reason Men grow beards…IN THE PAST.

Men are growing beards as they have done for centuries. Simply do not shave and let your body’s natural reaction take place. That's pretty easy...

But to have a truly respectable beard, it takes patience, and proper grooming. Let's face it, we don't live in the cave man days anymore and just like you NEED to brush your teeth, wash your hair and put on deodorant, you NEED to groom, wash and oil your beard!

Proper daily application of wash, oil and butter, will transform your beard from good to GREAT and are well worth the extra few minutes a day!


Remember the whole dawn of time mentioned above? Well back then they didn’t have the luxury of modern day heaters we benefit from today. The easiest way to combat the cold was by using what we were given naturally (hair), and letting it grow free.

Sure today we have turtle necks and scarves, but let’s leave those for the women who can’t grow a beard.


Whether it was your girlfriend or wife, friend or family member, or simply that smoking hot girl you hit on who told you to grow a beard before talking to her. Some of you fall into this category.

I personally think as a Man, it is imbedded in our DNA to want a beard, and you should grow a beard because you want to, not because someone said it as cool.

However, being suggested a beard by someone you are fond of might just give you the extra boost of confidence you need to make the commitment. Your beard will begin to come in, your confidence will build, and you too will likely be encouraging others to do the same.

Grow a beard


In all seriousness, beards act as a great way to alter your facial features dramatically. We are not telling you that you’re not handsome just the way you are. That’s not the case..You’ll simply be handsome-er (my made up word) with a beard.

As we’ve discussed before, there is an ideal face shape that is most pleasant to the human eye. Women’s eyes specifically. The oval face. Most of us (me included) were not blessed with an oval face. But by growing a beard, you can groom it in a way to create the oval appearance and thus making you more appealing to the human eye (chicks).

For younger guys, beards offer a great solution to covering up bad skin or acne. Heavier set guys can lengthen their face with a beard to appear more balanced and thin guys can fill theirs out to look more masculine. Embrace who you are as a Man with confidence and own that shit everyday.

Beards change everything


For a lot of us, our beards are simply a part of who we are. Here at Live Bearded, we believe a beard is NOT a trend, it's a lifestyle. Many of you may agree with this and could never see yourself without your beard. You LIVE BEARDED!!!

Live Bearded

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