The Truth Behind The Beard Nod

Spencer Bryce |

The infamous beard nod...

You see, the journey of growing a beard changes you as a man...

The way people look at you...the respect and attention you get from friends and strangers alike...

And there are certain things that only a bearded man has the privilege of experiencing.

Like the magical feeling of your beard blowing in the wind...

Bearded Lion

The extra dose of wisdom that comes with each stroke of your beard

Beard Stroke

And the all so mysterious Beard Nod...

Beard Nod

 "Nice Beard, Brother!"

But what is this said “ Beard Nod "? Does it really exist? And WHY?

The Beard Nod is a universal bond that unifies bearded men worldwide. It is a “secret handshake” of sorts that is the result of one simple thing...


You see, growing a beard takes patience, perseverance, and determination, and not everyone is bearded equally...

Some are blessed by the Beard Gods and can grow a thick, full beard, seemingly overnight. Others aren’t quite as lucky and have to take Beard Boost to get there faster...

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But what makes this brotherhood so great, is that every beardsman supports and respects his brother, regardless of his beard size...

...Because it’s about more than just the hair on your face, it’s about the respect you have for the character of the man behind the beard.

When you see a bearded brother, simply recognize him and give a simple nod.  No words need to be spoken, just mutual recognition of respect and a nod.

I personally like to throw in a compliment and a handshake when it feels right, but that’s entirely up to you.

This respect can be found all around the world from men of all ages and is truly second to none.

The one thing I've found is that bigger beards and well-groomed beards seem to get more nods of respect so grow it big and make sure you use proper beard care products daily!

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A beard is NOT a trend, it's a lifestyle, and here at Live Bearded, this is what we think a beard represents.

Live Bearded

We have a Brotherhood of amazing beards from all around the world, and we are here to support you however we can, be it with your beard or beyond. If you have any questions please reach out to us at or on Facebook. Live Bearded Brother!