Top 3 Grooming Tips You Must Know to Avoid Mustache Mistakes!

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Spencer Bryce |

Whether you're cultivating a rugged or refined facial hairstyle - a mustache can be the perfect accessory on its own or to complement a beard. However, achieving the perfect stash requires careful maintenance, and it's all too easy to make mistakes that can leave you looking a mess. Let's dive into the top three mustache mistakes we see and hear about every day, so you don't make them yourself.

Mistake #1: Trimming mishaps

Trimming is essential to maintain a clean, well-defined mustache. However, a common mistake is uneven trimming. Remember, symmetry is key, but you have to keep in mind that your face is likely not perfectly symmetrical itself. So when it comes to trimming your mustache you want to get the sides as even as possible.

But guys, keep in mind it'll never be absolutely perfect and that's okay. Nobody is going to be staring as intently at your mustache as you are. Spend a couple of minutes to get each side to get as even as you can, but avoid going back and forth too many times, or you're bound to hack your mustache shorter than you want.

If you're nervous and you're unsure how short short to take it - I totally get it. Start with small passes and trim more off as needed.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the nose hairs

Focusing on the mustache itself can make it easy to overlook the importance of trimming your nose hairs. I've been guilty of this myself, and when you have nose hairs that are kind of like - spilling out into your mustache... trust me. It's not a good look. Your nose and mustache are front and center - so make sure you don't neglect cleaning up this area - regardless of what 'stache style you're rocking.

Mistake #3: Choosing the right style 

The handlebar mustache is a classic and iconic style, if I do say so myself. However, it's not the only option. Trying to force your mustache into a handlebar shape without considering your facial structure, your hair type, the width of your upper lip, and the fullness of your hairs themselves, can lead to frustration. If you're unsure what style may suit you best, we are here to help!

Once you commit to a mustache style, how often should you trim it you might wonder? When it comes to frequency of trimming your mustache, it really depends on the particular style you're aiming for. Most beards grow at about half an inch per month so the mustache can quickly become overgrown. I recommend checking in every week or so to keep it looking tight. Once you get used to your trimming style it only takes a minute or so to clean it up.

Training your mustache into a handlebar 

For those of you who are aiming for the handlebar style - I've learned a thing or two over the years. Patience is key. Train your mustache by using mustache wax and combing the hairs to the sides daily. A trick that I found super helpful is to use your finger and your thumb and use it like a snapping motion to twist the hairs up and out. Use your right hand for the right side of your mustache, and the left hand for the left side of your mustache.

If your hairs are a bit unruly and won't cooperate - trust me - this is totally common. You are not alone. Just like parting your hair in a new direction for the first time, you're really going to need to train the hairs in this new direction. Another little hack I found to be super helpful (especially early in the process) is to use a blow dryer. As you're twisting the hairs up and out, follow your fingers with the blow dryer. The added heat will really help to train the hairs to lay in place.

What about other mustache styles?

I'm obviously a fan of the Handlebar shape - have been for years! But there are plenty of other fantastic styles to consider. A Chevron mustache is a pretty solid style on its own or with a beard of any length. A Wallrus is a big bold bushy look which is great with a short or long beard, as well.  And there is a whole slew of other options you might consider.

At the end of the day guys, find a style that gives you the most confidence, and wear it proud! Work with your strengths and if you need any help deciding what to do, email us at, we'd love to help. And as always, Live Bearded brother!