Top 5 - All Time Favorite Videos

Red Roze |

We've spent a lot of time making some ridiculous and, dare we say, hilarious videos. We're working on some right now in fact! But today, we thought you'd enjoy a laugh with us (and at us) as we share our personal Top 5 - All Time Favorite videos!



This was by far the BIGGEST and most challenging video we've ever made. We also truly feel it's the best video we've ever made.  It's a classic in every way. We could watch this on repeat and it would never get old.


2. Friends With Hairy Faces

This one is not only a LB team favorite, with over 5 million views across social media and more than 200,000 shares, this video is by far our most popular video to date! So many great dudes and memories in this one.


3. Wasssup

The original was so good, we had to bring it back! This was one of the first spoof videos we made and it got a lot of attention, so much so one of the original actors in the original Super Bowl commercial reposted it and reached out!


4. WOW: That's A Great Beard

After Friends With Hairy Faces took off, we came up with the bright idea to spoof the famous "Now That's What I Call Music" commercials. This might be the most ridiculous (and over the top) video we've made. Maybe we should we make Vol 2!


5. Quarantine Parody

When lockdowns hit, there was a ton of uncertainty, fear, and absurd things happening. We wanted to make people laugh and smile in the midst of all the craziness so we did our best to make light of the situation with this one!


BONUS. Who's The Goat?

This stupid video cracks us up every time. We were a little limited in our ability to create content at the time - so we got creative, found a farm, and the rest they say is history!


Your Turn! 🤩

Those are our favorites! What are yours? Do any of these make the list of your favorite Live Bearded videos? Did we miss one that should've been on the list? Let us know.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans, we've always got something in the works!

Live Bearded Brother!