Unleash the Power of the Soul Patch!

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Spencer Bryce |

What's up guys! Today we are talking about the soul patch and how you can grow it to cover the thin spots or patches in your beard.  If you're not familiar with what a soul patch is - I'm talking about the area right under your bottom lip often referred to as a flavor saver, a chin curtain, or a lip turf

What's a Soul Patch? 

Today we're going to reference the soul patch as the area of your beard that is right under your lip. It became famous by Jazz musicians in the 1940's and 50's.
1940s 1950s jazz musicians soul patch
Some of them didn't want their bare skin touching the musical instruments so they grew this tiny patch of hair for comfort. It quickly became a trend that showed up and made a statement. Then it faded away like a classic rock rift before a small comeback in the '90s and early 2000s.  
90s rock band rocking the soul patch
If I'm being honest with you guys, I actually rocked one of these or at least tried to for a little bit back in high school. We all make mistakes! Don't judge me! LOL!

Soul Patch For The Win

Even though it's not currently in style to rock a soul patch on its own, this area is really important for a lot of guys with full beards. You can let these hairs grow a little longer to cover some common thin spots or gaps in your beard. 
derma roller for the soul patch growth
With the proper growth in the soul patch area I can actually cover up some gaps in my beard. You can use this strategy as well.

My one piece of advice - do not go overboard!

You don't want a 6 inch long chin curtain flapping around in the wind. It's not a good look.

Use your discretion here and if you aren't sure, shoot us a picture of what you're working with. We'll give you some specific advice on what you should do and look for.

If you love this look and want to rock that '90s Vibe - go for the soul patch on its own. If that's a style that gives you the most confidence, absolutely do it. 

jazz saxophone player with soul patch

What's In A Name?

I reference the soul patch as a flavor saver. There's a lot of names for the soul patch area. But, I want to hear what you think. What's the funniest name for this area of your beard?! Drop them in the comments below - I want to hear them!

Here at Live Bearded our mission is to help beardsmen look feel and be their best. If you have any questions about your grooming journey from head to toe, hit us up at support@livebearded.com. We are here to help. 

As always, Live Bearded!