Voyager: The Story Behind The Fragrance

Nathan Daggett |


As kids we grew up dreaming of becoming all sorts of things. A superhero, a race car driver, a movie star, or an astronaut.

Shoot, when I was a kid, it was my dream to be in the NBA.

Big dreams stick around for years, and if the belief we have as kids is strong enough - one day you eventually succeed.

But often, as we grow, the world whispers doubts. You can’t. It’s impossible. Our belief begins to waver. “Reality” starts to set in that, maybe, our dream is unrealistic. Maybe, it’s not possible. Maybe, we should think - smaller.

But race car drivers do exist! As do movie stars and astronauts!

Sure, you won’t gain the ability to fly like superman, but not all heroes wear capes. Our military, our first responders, our medical professionals - all heroes in my eyes.

You see, dreams, my friend, are not confined to the night. Dreams are the seeds of potential waiting to bloom in the light of your unwavering belief.

BELIEVE in yourself.

We believe the only thing that can truly limit you is YOU. With focus, determination, and relentless effort, we really do believe anything is possible.

And it’s this premise that sparked the idea for VOYAGER.


There’s no direct fragrance tied to space itself, because, well, space is an airless vacuum. So technically you can’t smell anything in space.

It was our mission to create something that smells out of this world, and the uniquely bold combination of Citron, Palo Santo, and Black Pepper did exactly that!

Voyager combines the bright citrusy notes of citron with the sweet tropical woods aroma of palo Santo, complemented by the spicy and slightly warm spice tones of black pepper.

This combination creates a complex and intriguing blend that’s both refreshing and grounding. It’s perfect to wear year round. Imagine each spritz of Voyager as a rocket launch, propelling you beyond what you’ve ever known.

It’s a scent that encourages you to dream big, and reach beyond the stars

A few local customers were able to get their noses on Voyager and this is what they had to say:

“Voyager surprised me as an immediate favorite. The combination of citrus freshness with a hint of spice is absolutely fantastic. This will be my go to for a while”. - Jason

“Daaaaaaaamn that is so good!” - Mike

“Forget what I have to say about it, when my lady smelled it she simply made noises I can’t repeat and snuggled in a little closer. That’s all you need to know.” - Doug

Enough said.

If you’re looking for a fragrance that’ll soar above the rest, VOYAGER is for you.


Get Early Access

I highly recommend you sign up for the VIP LIST to get early access before it sells out, because this one is going to go fast.

Our hope is that you wear it as a reminder to stop limiting yourself or holding yourself back from bigger and better things.  So dream beyond the stars, and make your reality as extraordinary as your imagination.

If you have any questions, drop us a comment or reach out at

And as always, Live Bearded!