Waves of Emotion

Nathan Daggett |

The other day Mink was having lunch with a friend, and they asked him what seems like a simple question; "How do you stay motivated all the time?"

While that question seems simple, the answer is anything but. You see the truth is no one stays motivated in life all the time, and anyone who tells you they do is lying.

Emotions rise and fall in all of our lives like waves, and we believe you must learn to masterfully ride those waves through life.

We believe you must get comfortable being uncomfortable, learn to execute on the things that need to be done despite how you feel. If you let how you feel dictate how live then you will have very little control of your life.

But, if you can develop routines and behaviors to help you execute in life then emotions like motivation become less important to getting your desired end result, because you already know how to execute and win, no matter how you feel!