What The People Have To Say About ULLR

Nathan Daggett |

Word On The Street About ULLR

We took our brand new winter fragrance ULLR out on the streets, and to the people to see what they though about this legendary fragrance!

The scent profile on ULLR is winter mint, tonka bean, and coconut. The winter mint is crisp, invigorating, and refreshing. Tonka bean adds a rich depth with warmth and a hint of spice, and coconut weaves a touch of sweetness into every drop. Experience winter with every inhale.


As you can see from the reactions one thing is for certain, ULLR is sure to help you stay warm on a cold winter night, and is an absolutely incredible scent!

As a limited-edition seasonal scent ULLR is only available while supplies last, so I highly recommend you join the VIP list for early access to this legendary fragrance.

Legends Aren't Born, They're Made!

Hit us up if you have any questions about ULLR, or need anything at all!