Why Use Live Bearded?!

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JP Harris |

Hey brothers, JP here! There are endless options out there when it comes to beard grooming companies. so....

Why should you use Live Bearded?

Before I worked for Live Bearded, I was a customer first. That gave me a very interesting perspective into the world of Live Bearded. I went through so many different kinds of beard products from "top shelf" to "bottom shelf",and EVERYTHING in between! My first question was: What makes Live Bearded different from everything out there that makes the same claims:

  • All natural products
  • Made in the USA
  • Good and healthy stuff...


  • YES! Its All Natural - Made in Upstate NY! 
  • YES! Its good for your beard and your skin! 
  • YES! It nourishes, moisturizes and conditions your skin and beard!

A good thing to note, many products out there use fillers and synthetic ingredients in their beard products that can effect the appearance, feel and effectiveness. They are chemicals and not 100% natural... A whole array of alcohols, sulfates and artificial thickeners, that will actually dry out your skin which will add to the beard itch and BEARD-DRUFF!!!!  A lot of these additives and fillers have been proven to lead to rashes and skin irritation... So be mindful if you are using other products and always read the ingredient list!

So in addition to 100% all natural, additive and filler free, Live Bearded, is all about community!  We Have built a solid community of bearded brothers that are FAMILY!!

When you are family, you are treated as such!  Brothers from another mother!!!  

We will always make sure that you get 100% taken care of, no matter what the issue is! We do that with the best customer service on the planet, hands down!! We will always back up our 100% satisfaction guarantee, treat you like family, and uphold our mission: We help Beardsman, (that's YOU) to Look, Feel, and Be their best by creating outstanding products, publishing empowering content, and building a powerful brotherhood!


If you are on the fence, don't even think about it, just jump off on the Live Bearded side and trust the best with your beard!!!

Tune in for the next episode of JPz Corner. when I take about the best selling product that we have, BEARD BOOST!!! 

As Always, Be Grateful, Do Better, and Live Bearded Brother!