Why Your Plastic Comb is Literally KILLING Your Beard

Spencer Bryce |

You heard me...

That oh so precious beard of yours is quite literally dying a slow death if you’re using a plastic comb!

Sure you can buy a 3 pack of plastic combs from the grocery store for a couple of bucks...

But is that worth sacrificing all the hard work and dedication you’ve given to grow a great beard??


For those of you who don’t know the difference between plastic and wood combs… we put this article together so you can avoid the mistake many bearded brothers make every day… and help you avoid their pain.


  • Causes static and beard frizz
  • Increases snagging and pulling
  • Jagged imperfections will increase split ends


  • Anti Static and extra control
  • Reduced snagging and pulling
  • Evenly distribute beard oil and butter
  • Glides through your beard like a hot knife through butter!

Our Live Bearded comb is wide enough for the biggest of beards but not too wide for those of you in the early stages of growth. It is truly one of the best beard combs on the market.

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But whether you buy our comb or buy from somewhere else, we can’t stress the importance of your beard comb enough. It is the single most important tool EVERY bearded brother needs to have on him at all times.

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