WOW, That's a Great Beard!

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Spencer Bryce |

Here at Live Bearded, we take any chance we can to have a little fun, so we flew the guys in and spent a couple of days laughing until we cried shooting this video! 

Growin' Facial Hair

Woah Your face looks bare,
Wo-oah Grow some facial hair.
Grow a beard and you'll love it I swear.
Woah Growin’ facial hair,
Growin’ facial haaaaiirrr!

Beard Butter

She loves my hairy face because of you,
Beard Butter, Beard Butter.

Ain't Nothing But A Beard Thang

Ain't nuthin but a beard thang, baby.
Just some Bearded brothers going, crazy.
Straight rockin the whiskers God, gave me.
Unshaveable so please don't try to shave me.

Big Bushy Beard

Oh, Won’t you feel my beard tonight?
Oh, I heard you say my beards just right.
Oh, you wanna run your hands through my,
Big Bushy Beard
It makes the clothing hit the ground.

Rock You With My Bearded Mane

Here I am,
Rock you with my Bearded mane!

Live Bearded For Life

We be, growin our beards,
We be growin our beards, we can’t be stopped now, it's Live Bearded for life!

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All lyrics for WOW were written by the Live Bearded team. All tracks were recorded and mastered by Eric Metz at HogHound Studios. Instrumentation was provided by Eric Metz and Dustin Woody. All vocals were done by Eric Metz, Dustin Woody, and Michael Calkins. HogHound studio is a full-service studio providing the very best in tracking, mixing, mastering and live recording. 

Eric Metz
HogHound Studios
Rolla, MO 65401

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Keep growin' your facial hair and as always, Live Bearded!