3 Steps To Making 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

Nathan Daggett |




How To Make This The Best Year Of Your Life

It is the start of the New Year, and I know many of you are making resolutions or goals for the year, and mapping your plan to success... but did you know that 91% of people fail to accomplish their New Year's resolutions?

Our mission at Live Bearded is to help you look, feel, and be your best, and we truly want to see you succeed and dominate this year, so Mink is going to give you a simple roadmap to make this the best year of your life!

1. Manage Your Attention

Now more than ever everything around you is competing for your attention all day long, but the thing is your attention is your most precious commodity, spend it wisely. 

If you can invest your attention into things that help you grow, and compound over time then you will continue to pick up momentum and be unstoppable as you pursue the life you have always dreamed of.

I remember growing up playing sports my coach always told me to watch people's feet, the feet don't lie and they will tell you where someone is going. I think the same is true about our attention, watch where someone spends their attention, and it will show you exactly where they will go.

2. Commit To Discipline

 Life will never just be easy, things can always be better and you must learn to take action despite how you feel. Discipline is doing something you hate, and doing it like you love it!

3. Constant & Never-Ending Improvement

One of our core values here at Live Bearded is better your best. We believe it is our responsibility to Do Better every single day, to learn from our mistakes and grow through our failures to be the best men we can be.

If you can follow these 3 simple guidelines I promise you 2024 will be your best year yet!