Be Obsessed

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Ben York |

"It's impossible," C.T. Fletcher says. "I've heard that so many times. It's just impossible. Can't be done. Sure... it IS impossible... until someone 'crazy' has the audacity to say, 'I can STILL do that.'"

C.T. Fletcher is not only a U.S. Army Veteran, but also a world champion powerlifter. In 2005, he had his first emergency open heart surgery and flatlined on the operating table three times. 

His kids had to help him get dressed. They had to feed him. He couldn't walk very well, talk or breathe. 

For eight months he slept against a wall because he couldn't lay down flat. 

Doctors told him to stop lifting weights and that he'd need to dramatically alter his lifestyle. 

Looking back, that was the best thing they could've told him. 

"I'm going to show you," C.T. told the doctors. "I'm going to prove to you that I CAN come back. That I WILL come back. I am DETERMINED. This is my magnificent OBSESSION. I'm going to do this until they throw dirt over me. Until they bury me."

Brothers... this video... wow. 

Whatever you're going through, keep going. C.T. says that if you don't have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you’re trying to get, then you will NEVER have it. 

Be OBSESSED with winning. With success. With hard work. 

Whether it's being a better husband, father, worker... anything. Be so committed to greatness that you have no time for people who belittle your ambitions. 

You can only become great at the thing you're willing to sacrifice for. 

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