Beard Barber Trims and Shapes a Big Beard

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Spencer Bryce |

Trimming a beard is not something that most of us know how to do (at first). And unfortunately, most barbers don't know how to properly trim a beard either!

So you either learn how to trim a beard from home, or you find a beard barber who actually knows what he's doing! Fortunately for us here in Arizona, we have a trusted beard barber who has been shaping and trimming beards for over a decade. 

So when our brother Danny said he needed a beard barber he could trust with his glorious beard, we sent him to our buddy Feras. Danny makes a point to stop by the shop about once a month to get his beard shaped and "cleaned up". As you can see from the video, some of the hairs on the cheek can start to grow out and become a little wild. 

We tagged along to share the trim with you guys and help share some beard trimming knowledge from an expert. I know that beard trimming is one of the pain points of having a beard which is why we try to help answer questions and show you examples of how to trim a beard (the right way). 

5 simple steps to ensure you get a good trim

1. Style your beard before trimming

2. Treat it like a hedge

3. Establish a natural top line

4. Shave your neck line (not your jawline)

5. Set your back line 

We cover all 5 of these in detail in the video above, so give it a watch to make your next beard trim go a little smoother!

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