Beer'd Fest 2018

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Highlights from the event...

I am fascinated by life, and the way things tend to work out. There is a mystery to it all, and I’ve learned the more you lean into that mystery, the more life seems to push you towards amazing things.

You get stuck in traffic, are running late and because of that delay meet the love of your life, or you randomly meet a brother at the gym working out one day, and 12 years later, you've become life-long friends and business partners.

It’s moments like these that make you realize, at any moment something amazing can happen if you’re open to it. The key here is, "if you're open to it." That’s how this story started, and I cannot wait to see where it ends up...

Some of you may remember, last summer (2017) Spencer and I were in the process of moving to Colorado when we decided to get a little crazy. We came up with the wild idea of both buying Jeep Wranglers and wrapping them with an awesome Live Bearded wrap!

It sounded like a good idea, and we both thought it would be a great way to showcase this brotherhood so we laced up our big boy shoes, called up the bank, got a loan and bought a couple of wranglers.

Now it was time to find a company to do the wraps. After a lot of research and one failed attempted, we settled on a company in Denver, CO. As we dropped off our jeeps to get the wraps done, we couldn't help but notice a truck in the parking lot with a GIANT beard across the side. 

We asked about it, one thing led to another, and the owner of the wrap shop connected us with the owner of Burly Brewing Co. and an instant friendship was born. Plus the wraps turned out great!

Come to find out, the owner of Burly was a very successful doctor who has a love for beers and beards and decided to start his own Brewery. It sounded like an excellent idea to us and as we stayed in touch, the idea for Beer'd Fest was born. 

George, the owner of Burly came up with the idea and told us he'd love us to co-host the event with him. We could invite all of our customers out to his Brewery in Castle Rock, CO and throw a badass event for everyone. We loved the idea!

Fast forward to June 2018 and we were boarding a plane in Phoenix, AZ to co-host Beer'd Fest 2018! At this time, we had 9 guys working on the team with us, 8 of which were flying out to CO to join us for the event. We put #9 in timeout and told him he had to stay home! 😜

Just kidding! Unfortunately, our rock-star customer service badass JP couldn't make it because he had to go to his daughter's graduation. Clearly, he has is priorities in order, atta boy JP. 

Whenever we do events like this, it's usually insanely busy as we try to get as much done as possible! Flying 8 guys anywhere gets really expensive fast. Toss in a couple of rental cars, food for 8 big bearded dudes (yikes), an Airbnb, etc. and it can put a serious dent in the pocketbook. 

So as much as we'd love to just hang out and chill with all the guys, we've gotta get some serious work done on these trips. Pappa's got mouths to feed, and them boys are hungry! 

From the moment we arrived in the Denver airport, to the moment we sprinted to our gates almost missing our return flight, there was not a second of downtime. All in all, it was an incredible 4 days. We worked our tails off, and still carved out some time to have fun with the guys! 

Behind The Scenes

We got in Thursday, June 22nd met everyone at baggage claim and headed straight to Burly to see George, meet his team and spend some time going over details for the event. And of course, have a couple ice cold brews! 

From there we headed to the Airbnb to get settled in. With 12 dudes staying under one roof, it was going to be a packed house! We grabbed some air mattresses and extra blankets from Wal-Mart and everyone settled in for the night. 

Content creation is the biggest opportunity for us at events like this because we have so many guys together at once. We truly love meeting everyone and making videos at events like this is a huge opportunity as we can get our customers involved and give them an opportunity to join in on the fun.

Friday was going to be a full day of shooting at the house we rented so we were up bright and early and a few of us headed to the gym to get in a good workout before we had to get some work done. 

Then, on our way home from the gym while talking about the different videos we were gonna shoot that day, we were struck by some inspiration and the idea of Broga was born.

If you haven't seen our broga video or read The Story Behind Broga you've gotta check it out. It's hilarious how it all came together. 


After a full day of shooting, we had an awesome BBQ and took everyone out for arcade games and bowling to relax a bit before Beer'd Fest the next day!

On Saturday we were at the Brewery at 8 am helping get set up and we didn't leave until 1 am. That's what I call a LONG day, but the event was an incredible success. Everything went as planned and everyone there had a really great time. 

We had about 150+ people show up for an action-packed day full of activities. We had a corn-hole competition, live music, a ZZ Top cover band, delicious food and beer, a beard competition and tons of great conversation. 

beerd fest

beerd fest

beerd fest

beerd fest

beerd fest

beerd fest

Final Thoughts

Beer'd Fest 2018 was an amazing experience and we had so much fun meeting everyone. We've gotta give a HUGE THANK YOU to our co-host and friends over at Burly Brewing Co. They truly went above and beyond to make this day such an incredible experience for so many. 

I also wanna give a HUGE shout out and thank you to my co-founder and brother Spencer. Without his hard work and countless hours of coordination with everyone involved, events like this simply do not happen.

Spence, you did an amazing-freaking-job brother! I'm super proud of you for all your hard work on this one, and I know I can speak on behalf of everyone who attended when I say, the hard work was worth it! 

And last, but definitely not least, we've also gotta give a big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who attended, especially those who traveled to come out for the event. Our brother Ben Hill and his wife Angela drove 26 hours from NC to CO to attend the event and hang out for the weekend. That is unreal! 

Without a doubt, this is going to the first of many Beer'd Fest so keep an eye out to see how this story evolves in the coming months and years. We hope to see you at the next one. Have an amazing day and Live Bearded brother!