Expectations vs Reality When Growing a Beard

Spencer Bryce |

There are a lot of beards walking around these days, and the story behind why each started growing a beard is different for every one of them.

For some, their beard growth journey started purely out of laziness...

Yup, it's true, some guys just step away from the razor to avoid the hassle and costly expense of shaving, later to realize how much better they look and feel with a beard.

For others, it was perhaps joining in on No Shave November to raise awareness for a good cause like Men's Health. 

And let's not leave out the recent COVID beards that have grown all over the world. With the work from home environment many have transitioned to in recent months, it's allowed guys who've had restrictions from their workplace to finally grow a beard.

But for so many of us, we grew a beard because we know a guy with a great looking beard that inspired us to grow one of our own.

Maybe it was your father or a friend you know well. But perhaps it was a badass looking dude you saw on Instagram or somewhere on the internet. 

All of these reasons to grow a beard a great, and regardless of why you decided to grow a beard, we are happy you found your way here.

There are some things you only truly understand when you grow a beard, and I'm gonna share some of those things now.

Expectations vs Reality When Growing a Beard

Full vs Patchy Beard Growth

One of the biggest frustrations with guys and their beards is how thick or full our beard grows, or doesn't. When many of us start growing we have expectations of looking like our boy Brian here...

Let me just tell you, Brian has one of the fullest beards out there. If your beard isn't this thick don't worry, you stand with the rest of us. And that's OK! Not all of us were blessed with a beard at 14. 

If you're like me, your beard grows in a bit thinner in some areas than others. In fact, when most guys start growing a beard they think there is no way their beard will ever fill out. 

The beautiful thing about a beard, though, is it truly gets better over time. If you see some patches or thin spots as you're growing your beard, they'll start to get covered up as your beard grows longer. So give it some time and you'll be surprised at how full it becomes.

Hair Color vs Beard Color

This next unexpected discovery many guys have usually is noticed pretty quickly in the beard growth journey. As your 5 o'clock shadow starts to become an actual beard, many guys discover that their chin hairs aren't the same color as their head hair, but rather a surprising red-hued version.

If you've ever wondered why your beard is red and not the color of your hair, here's why:

The red hair itself is caused by a mutation in what researches call the MC1R gene. For all our redheads out there, that's because you have two mutated genes, but having just one can give a person red hair in certain places but not others, ie your beard.

Don't worry, the word mutated sounds worse than it is. There is nothing wrong here other than you having a badass red beard thanks to someone in your family having red hair at some point in the past.

Beards Require Work

One of the most common reasons guys grow a beard for the first time is, well, laziness. Whether you go on a vacation and enjoy the freedom from the razor, or you just decide to go a few weeks to shave some time off your morning routine, many guys think beards require less work. 

Well, that can be true, if you want to look like a disheveled mess. But if you want your beard to look, feel, smell, and grow great, it takes a little work.

Rarely are men and women alike complimenting a dirty, unkempt beard, so taking the proper time to groom it before you walk out the door is a must.

Fortunately for you, Live Bearded has made beard grooming easy. With just a few minutes of your time and the right products, your beard will look great.

We can't promise taking care of your beard will take LESS time than shaving, BUT we can guarantee it's worth every bit of it.

Beard itch? That's a thing?

If you've never grown a beard then you might question the validity of beard itch. That seems like a made up thing to sell beard oil, right?

Wrong! Beard itch is as real as it gets, and as painful if left untreated too.

Beard Oil is NOT for your beard, but for the skin under your beard. The reason your skin itches so bad is because it's dry. As your beard grows out it draws away all the natural sebum oil from your skin. The result is dry skin. 

Beard Oil will moisturize your skin, eliminate beard itch, and promote healthier, better beard growth. 

Beards Take Time

We hear this one all the time....

"John" decides to grow his beard out and wants his beard to look like Steve's here...

And why would you? Steve has a killer beard!

After growing a beard for 3 months, John is discouraged and decided to throw in the towel.

Guys, beards take TIME! So you need to have realistic expectations as to what beard length and style you want, and how long it might take to get there. 

On average, your beard grows about 1/2 inch per month. So if you want a beard that's 12" long, you'll need to grow at least 2 years. I say at least because as you grow you'll want to trim your beard to even things out from time to time. 

Try to set yourself up for success by having realistic expectations and just know that you'll appreciate and get compliments on your beard that much more by having the patience to get there.

Beards Get Attention

This one might be my favorite of them all. Us guys think, "I'm gonna grow a beard and get all sorts of attention from the ladies!"

I'd be lying if I said this is not true because it is. Women do love beards. Not all, but most. 

BUT, what I found most fascinating about growing a beard is that I actually get more attention from guys complimenting my beard than women! It's true! And there is nothing wrong with that. 

Having a killer beard comes with an understanding and respect from other men. It's almost a right of passage of sorts. If you see a guy with a great beard you pay your respects with a polite compliment because you know how long it took to get there, and how much work it is to keep it looking great.

Embrace The Beard YOU Have

At the end of the day, it's super easy to want what you don't have. Here at Live Bearded we encourage all of you guys to embrace the beard you have and own it with confidence. 

We all struggle with different quirks about our beards we don't love. There are ways around all of these with different styling approaches, products etc.

If you have any questions about your beard or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Live Bearded was started to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best, and we are here to support you however we can!