How to Use a Beard Trimmer at Home

Spencer Bryce |

The only thing better than having a beard, is, well, having a well-groomed beard.

You see, there is a fine line we walk between looking like a caveman or a Beardsman. And though any beard is better than none, we want to help you look and feel your best which means dialing in your trimming routine.

So in this blog, I’m gong to show you how to trim your beard using our MT-1 beard trimmer. This high-quality grooming tool offers precision, ease of use, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for perfecting the art of an at home beard trim.

Before I show you how to trim your beard, though, I want to cover a few ground rules for using your MT-1.

We have two blades to choose from, and you’ll use them for slightly different situations.

The standard ceramic blade shown here with the silver, is what comes standard with your MT-1. It is extremely sharp and durable, and works fantastic to cut your beard hairs using any of the guard lengths.

If you are looking to line-up your beard, or get that precision close to skin cut, you’ll want to snag a Zero Gap Blade.

We made this one in gold because, well, it’s awesome.

Though they are both ceramic and extremely sharp and durable, they do wear out over time. So pay attention to the sharpness as they age and consider replacing as it starts to dull. This timeframe will vary dramatically based on usage but shouldn’t be any more often than once a year or so.

I also want to point out the varying speeds the MT-1 offers. Any of the settings will get the job done, but the highest and fastest setting will give you the best cutting results. This is great for hedging the outsides of your beard to give your beard a very tight shape.

If you’re just starting out with your at home trimming skills, consider the lower settings as this will give you al little more grace for mistakes.

Ok one last thing before I show you how I use the MT-1 to trim my beard, and that is the different length options.

The MT-1 comes with several different guard lengths, and has an adjustable blade which gives you 28 different lengths to choose from. This is especially helpful for shorter beards and fading the sideburn and cheek areas of all different length beards.

Ok - Let’s get trimming!

It’s worth mentioning that before I trim my beard, I always recommend having your beard styled how you do it normally.

For me I wash, condition, oil, and butter every day. If you use a blow dryer, go through that process and let your beard really settle before you attempt a trim.

After that is done, usually the first area I focus on is the sideburns. I always recommend grabbing the guards FIRST, before you attach it to your MT-1 to do a dry run and see how much hair it will cut off. 

This will give you a good understanding if you chose the right length. Always size up and trim less off the first pass, and take it down shorter if need be.

Once you run through a few sizes and pick the winner, attach it to your MT-1 and make your first pass. I like to take my sideburns shorter, and gradually trim longer lengths into my cheek.

Even if you have a long beard, trimming this area down makes a huge impact on how groomed and intentional your beard looks. Take note of which guard you are using for which areas, and simply match the left and right side of your beard.

Next up, I like to hedge the outside of my beard.

beard trimmer

For this, I grab the Zero Gap blade, and trim away any wild rogue hairs that are spraying everywhere. By trimming the whispy hairs, this will bring more bulk to your beard leaving it looking fuller and healthier.

I always use a second hand-held mirror to see the side profile to ensure I’m sculpting the shape I want. After I’m happy there, it’s time to fine tune my beard lines.

Still using the Zero Gap blade here, I will define my cheek lines, back lines, and neck line. The back line can be tricky, so use that hand held mirror to assist you.

Keep the lines running down your sideburns and be careful not to trim this line too far forward. The neckline is the most often gone wrong, so keep that nice and low and not on your jawline.

A good rule of thumb is one finger width above your Adams apple.


Super short beards can get away with this line being a little higher, and long beards can completely ignore trimming this once your beard length is long enough to cover it up.

The added neck hairs will actually give your beard more fullness.

And that’s about it, guys. Once you get comfortable trimming your beard, it doesn’t take more than about 15 minutes in total or less.

The shorter your beard, the more often you should trim it as it’ll be noticeably overgrown much faster the shorter it is.

There are many styles to choose from, so that is up to you. With the MT-1, you have the right tool for the job.

I hope you found the video and blog helpful, if you have any questions at all throw them in the comment section or hit us up at

And as always, Live Bearded, Brother!