Introducing The Newest (& Coolest) Team Member: Nicolai Myers

Anthony Mink |

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to the newest (and probably the coolest) member of the LB team... 

He's a combat veteran, world's strongest man competitor ranked #5 in the world for his weight class, and an all-around damn good dude! 

His beard is alright too... 😜

Please help us welcome Nicolai Myers to the team!

We've been talking to Nic about working together for a while and how it all came together was pretty epic....

And of course, we documented the whole thing. We hope you enjoy his "you're hired" video.

Nic is the newest member of our all-star customer service team and he's here to help support you with your beard, product questions, work-out routines, meal prep and anything else you might need! 😂

Hit us up anytime at or call us at 855-952-4194.