Massive Curly Beard Trim and Shape Up

Spencer Bryce |

 When Pete asked me to hook up up with a beard trim I jumped all over it! I mean, look at this thing, it's glorious! Pete hadn't trimmed his beard in a few months and he really prefers a natural look but wanted to clean it up a bit. So I grabbed my clippers and was excited at the opportunity. 

When it comes to trimming a beard, there are a few key guidelines you can follow to make your job easier. Yes, every beard is different however these guidelines will work for nearly everybody. 

If you've been following us for any time, you've probably heard me say this several times, but it's so important I'll say it again. Before you start your beard trim, make sure you go through your beard routine and allow your beard to fully dry before any trimming begins. For Pete, that meant he had washed his beard that morning with his beard wash, applied beard oil under the beard to the skin, and finished with beard butter to lock in moisture and keep his beard shaped and under control. 

Beard Trim Guidelines

Now for Pete's beard trim we really weren't looking to take any length off the beard, but focus on the width and really try to take some weight out of the sides to give it a better shape. A couple things to always keep in mind when trimming...

Start Small

If you are trimming your beard and you aren't super comfortable, I always recommend starting very small and take very small amounts off at a time. I like to bring an area down just a bit, and come back to it later to finish it up. You can always take more off, you can't put it back on!

Treat It Like A Hedge

You really want to treat your beard like a hedge, and work from the outside with your clippers (or scissors). Your hairs grow in different directions, and you really just want to trim the hairs back to where the bulk of your beard is to create a much fuller appearance. So treat it like a hedge and trim the hairs back to give it the desired shape.

Take Your Time

I can't stress this enough. Never attempt a beard trim when you are in a rush. Block off enough time to really be patient. As I said above, I prefer to trim an area down and then come back to it a second or a third pass to make sure it's where I want it. I don't attempt to get it there on the first pass to try to speed the process. Your beard is worth it!!

Mastering the art of a beard trim definitely takes time, and practice. Don't beat yourself up if it isn't "perfect". If you are nervous to attempt it you can learn a little bit more about beard trimming here and how to fade a beard here

We are love to help brothers with specific questions, so feel free to shoot us a picture of your beard and what you're looking to do and we are happy to help you directly!

Live Bearded, Brother!