Mastering the Beard Neckline: Avoid Neckbeard Disasters!

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Spencer Bryce |

Hey guys, we’re back and today we are talking about trimming the perfect neckline. This is crucial for you to grow a full and thick beard and it’s often done incorrectly, so my goal today is to help you get it right.

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

Before you start trimming, you’ll need a quality beard trimmer like our MT-1 here, a comb, a bathroom mirror, and a hand mirror.

I personally love our large acetate comb as it’s really detangles the beard hairs nicely, and doesn’t snag or cause static when running through your beard.

And though scissors are a great tool for precise beard trimming, when it comes to lining up your beard, you’ll want your electric beard trimmer, or a razor if you’re looking for the closest shave possible.

If this sounds like what you want, I’d recommend using the trimmer first to set the line, then follow up with the razor.

Step 2: Style your beard

I always recommend styling your beard, and combing it up first, then down and into place. This will really make sure the hairs are all laying how they do on a daily basis so you can gauge your trim based on how your beard looks when styled.

Step 3:  Identify your neckline

This is where you need to pay attention. A proper beard neckline is going to be trimmed in where your head connects to your neck, typically just a finger or so above your Adams apple.

This line is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT on your jawline.

Too often we see guys trim this line much too high, and as your beard grows longer it only looks worse.

It is much more noticeable from the side beard profile and if it’s taken too high, your beard will look more like a chin strap than full beard.

You need the hairs from your neck, under your jawline, to give you the fullness at any length, but it’s most important as your beard gets longer.

To find your neckline, either use the one finger rule and adjust accordingly, OR if you are just starting to grow your beard you can tilt your head down and see where your head creases on your neck.

Where the two meet is a good general guideline on where to have your beard start and stop.

Step 4: Cautiously begin trimming

I say cautiously here because most beard trimming mistakes happen simply because they’re rushed.

Set aside at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time when you’re not in a hurry, especially if you’re just getting started out.

As you get comfortable this will take much less time.

Once you set your main line, start in the middle just above your Adams apple, and work to the outside of your neck along your natural neckline.

Your natural line will curve slightly up as it wraps around your neck. This is when that hand held mirror will come in handy. Use the mirror with the bathroom mirror to see how your line sets your side beard profile and adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Stop trimming the neckline 

Now I know I just spent the last couple of minutes telling you how to trim your neckline, however, there is an instance where you can avoid trimming it altogether…

And that’s for those of you who are growing a super long beard.

At a certain point your beard is going to cover up your neckline so much that you can actually get away with letting it grow wild and free.

The added hairs will give your beard even more bulk, and unless you’re lifting your beard up, nobody will notice.

Of course you can still choose to trim these away so it really comes down to your personal preference.

Alright guys, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you found this post and video helpful. Here at Live Bearded our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best.

If you have any questions or need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.  
And as always, Live Bearded, brother!