The Beardsmen Podcast Episode 10

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My Eye Was Completely Bloodshot... For 3 Days!

Welcome back for the 10th episode of The Beardsmen. This podcast is our opportunity to sit down with you all and answer any questions you may have, and just talk about the experience of being a man in the world today. As we say at the opening of each episode this is where we talk, mock, and never walk away from the conversation.

In this episode Anthony shares some weird experiences from his trip to Australia. Despite his history of good luck with travels - this trip included a denied Visa, a series of storms, encounters with some dangerous wild life, and his first visit to an Emergency Room.

Oh, and JR wins a brand new Apple Macbook Pro but decides to sell it on Facebook Marketplace, only to get an offer to trade his new laptop for a Mexican motorcycle worth $35,000. Should he make the trade, or is it a scam?

This Week's Questions:

When did you decide to grow a beard? Were you still living at home? Did your dad call you a long-haired dope smoking hippie?

I have a full long beard, but hate my mustache. Any tricks for getting an awesome mustache to complement my beard?

What is your favorite, objectively bad movie?

Do Better Dude Of The Week

Texas, November 20th, 2023, John L witnessed a shootout with police after a stolen car chase ended in a crash on the freeway. The stolen car driver opened fire at police, shooting one of the officers in the leg. Without hesitating, and while video recording, John helped drag the injured officer to safety behind his truck to protect him from further harm.

Even with John's troubled past, he chose to help the officers despite the risks involved. The Houston Police Department Police Chief, acknowledged John and stated individuals like him are an asset to society.

John's actions demonstrate bravery and selflessness in a life-or-death situation. His past does not define him, and his willingness to step up and support others in need is truly remarkable.

Oh, and it's worth noting that John's beard is rather impressive too. 🤩

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