The Beardsmen Podcast Episode 11

Red Roze |

Stop Cooking and Hire A Cleaner?!

Welcome back for the 11th episode of The Beardsmen. This podcast is our opportunity to sit down with you all and answer any questions you may have, and just talk about the experience of being a man in the world today. As we say at the opening of each episode this is where we talk, mock, and never walk away from the conversation.

In this episode we discuss the importance of being present for family. How the joys of being a new dad or world traveler come with the challenges of sleep deprivation, acclimating to new routines, and the need to prioritize tasks.

We also dive into being ruthless about managing your time, the tasks we've outsourced to free up time, and how the time investments you make determine the life you live.

This Week's Questions:

Can you make a homemade utility spray from beard oil or butter?

Should you use conditioner every day? (Does brushing damage your beard?)

If you start a product-based business - what are steps one and two to making it work?

Do Better Dude Of The Week

In a fascinating story about love and acceptance James met and married a woman that needed a man strong enough to help her care for her ex-husband - a good man that had suffered severe permanent brain damage in a terrible car accident years earlier.

Knowing his wife's ex will always be a part of their lives James' support and care is a beautiful example of love and a willingness to be better. Tip of the cap to you good sir!

Join The Conversation:

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