The Beardsmen Podcast Episode 12

Red Roze |

Don't Get Pissed On! šŸ¤£

Welcome back for the 12th episode of The Beardsmen. This podcast is our opportunity to sit down with you all and answer any questions you may have, and justĀ talk about the experience of being a manĀ in the world today. As we say at the opening of each episode this is where we talk, mock, and never walk away from the conversation.

In this episode JR shares how heĀ got water boarded by Nate (for realz) during a recent video shoot. Thankfully, he was "revived with CPR" and his beard still looked great. LOL!

Spencer talks about dad life, including getting peed on (twice), and Anthony shares an experience where a friend asked him to babysit his 18-month-old son but never said anything about changing diapers. Is Live Bearded getting into the baby game?

After that, we discuss Anthony's new podcast, life's ups and downs, focus on work and grinding it out, and Spencer almost getting kicked in the face by a horse.

This Week's Questions:

What's the difference between using a wooden comb and a beard brush? Is there any difference or is one better than the other?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Can you share a time when Live bearded had a big problem, and how you solved for it?

Do Better Dude Of The Week

On February 7th, 2020, Dane Weeks found himself in New York City exiting the subway when a woman he never met approached him. She hugged him and whispered in his ear, asking him to pretend that he knew her because some men were following her. Initially skeptical, Dane decided to help.

Despite the unusual requests, Dane held her hand and talked with her as he walked her home. Turns out the woman was being followed by three men, and she had every reason to be scared. Dane's willingness to help made a difference.

Asking a stranger for assistance in a vulnerable situation is never easy. Stepping up, and potentially into harms way, even more difficult. Hats off to you Dane Weeks for being vigilant, willing to help, and ready to protect someone in need.

Join The Conversation:

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