The Beardsmen Podcast Episode 4

Nathan Daggett |

Motivation, Mentors & Super Skills

Welcome back for the 4th episode of The Beardsmen. This podcast is our opportunity to sit down with you all and answer any questions you may have, and just talk about the experience of being a man in the world today. As we say at the opening of each episode this is where we talk, mock, and never walk away from the conversation.

In this episode we are breaking down some lessons we learned at a conference in San Diego, and the power of surrounding ourselves with the right people, and the value of community!

As always we address questions from the community.

This Week's Questions:

How do you get motivated for difficult tasks?

Who are some of the mentors and people you look up to?

What is an underrated skill everyone can benefit from?

    Do Better Dude Of The Week

    As always we wrap up with our Do Better Dude, and this week we are talking about an inspiring police officer from Georgia who went the extra mile to make an impact on his community.

    Join The Conversation:

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