Our Top 5 All-Time Videos

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Anthony Mink |

As you know, last week launched a new website and before we could "go live" we had to review a ton of pages on the site and this took us on a walk down memory lane! 

As we reviewed dozens pages and old videos, we spent a lot of time laughing at ourselves and some of the ridiculous videos we've made in the past...

So today, we're gonna give you a chance to laugh with (and at) us as we share our top 5 all-time videos!


At the time of writing this post, BEARDMAN is a little more than a week old! We just launched the video and in the first week it has over 1,000,000 views! This is by far the BIGGEST (and most challenging) video we've ever made so even though it's brand new, we truly feel it's the best video we've ever made. Read the full story here.

2. Friends With Hairy Faces

With over 5 million views across social media and more than 200,000 shares, this video is by far out most popular to date! Read the full blog post and see the behind the scenes story here.

3. Wasssup

The original was so good, we had to bring it back! This was one of the first spoof / remake videos we made and it got a lot of attention, so much so one of the original actors in the original Super bowl commercial reposted it and reached out! See the full story here.

4. WOW: That's A Great Beard

After we launched hairy faces and it took off, we came up with the bright idea to spoof the famous "Now That's What I Call Music" commercials. This might be the most ridiculous (and over the top) video we made. See the full story here.

 5. Quarantine Parody (tie)

When covid hit, there was a ton of uncertainty and fear as we all know far to well and we wanted to find a way to make people laugh and smile in the midst of the craziness so we tried to make light of the situation with this one! See the full story here.

5. Non-Celebrity Mean Tweets (tie)

We get some of the craziest comments on social media and one day we decided to do our very own version of Celebrity mean tweets... only we ain't celebrities so this is our "Non-Celebrity" mean tweets! Read the full story here.

Honorable Mentions

After five years of shenanigans, choosing only 5 video's was tough so we decided to create the honorable mentions. We highly recommend checking these out as well, especially the hiring prank video. It is so good! 

Behind The Scenes Hiring Prank

When we interviewed Dusty for customer service he was super nervous which lead to some uncomfortable moments in the interview process. That said, we loved Dusty so when we called him back we knew we had give him some sh*t. See the full story here. 

Who's The Goat?

During quarantine we were understandably a little limited with our ability to create content so we got creative, found a farm and the rest they say is history! See the full story here.  

William Shakesbeard 


In my humble opinion, this one is terrible! LOL But it's so bad, its GOOD! I mean, after all, who doesn't love some classic Shakespeare. And for the record, this is an actual quote from the OG, we didn't make this one up! Read the full story here.

Thank you for following along and being on this journey with us! We are here to serve and support you any way we can. Stay tuned for more shenanigans, we've always got something in he works!